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|The Company name = The impala Group of Hotels
|Name of sister hotel = Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge
|Other name of sister Hotel = Naura spring hotel
|Parent Hotel Name = Impala Hotel
|Founded =
|Owner = A.M.Mrema
|motto =
|image_skyline =IHIM.JPEG|thumb|right|the Impala Hotel
|imagesize =
|image_caption = Impala Hotel
|image_map = Arusha2.GIF
|mapsize = 200px
|map_caption = Location of Arusha City in [[Arusha Region]]
|pushpin_map = Tanzania<!-- the name of a location map as per -->
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|pushpin_map_caption =
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|coordinates_region = TZ
|subdivision_type = Country
|subdivision_type1 = [[Regions of Tanzania|Region]]
|subdivision_name1 = [[Arusha Region]]
|footnotes =
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'''The Impala Group of Hotels''' is a hotel chain in northern Tanzania. The groups parent company is the [[Impala]]-based at Kijenge estate | Estates, which was founded in 1988 by '''A.M.Mrema'''. The group currently operates three hotels in three locations with a total of 552 rooms, 16 conference Halls with biggest Conference in eastern Arica named as Tanzania Conference Centre with pax o up 7000 peple.
The Impala Group of Hotels currently comprises twenty properties in [[Arusha]],. The hotels are strategically priced {{clarify|date=January 2013}} and cater to the needs of the Tourist/ business traveler. Each hotel is centrally located. The distinguishing factor of the chain is its food and beverage operations, and its restaurants are popular in the respective areas.{{citation needed|date=January 2013}}
'''[[The ngurdoto Mount Lodge]]''' is a 5 star luxury hotel in Arusha,
'''The Impala Hotel''', is a business hotel,
'''The Naura Spring Hotel''' is a 3 star luxury hotel,
== Expansion ==
The group plans to expand its service 1 and 3 cities Kigali, Nairobi and Bujumbura as the econoc growth of the common Marketing ofthe East African community is demanding so. This will be through management tie-ups and by direct ownership.{{citation needed|date=January 2013}}
== References ==
== References ==
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