The Imperfect Lady (1947 film)

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The Imperfect Lady
Directed by Lewis Allen
Produced by Karl Tunberg
Written by Karl Tunberg (adaptation)
Ladislas Fodor (story)
Starring Ray Milland
Teresa Wright
Cedric Hardwicke
Music by Victor Young
Cinematography John Seitz
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date
April 25, 1947
Running time
97 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $1.8 million[1]

The Imperfect Lady is a 1947 American drama film directed by Lewis Allen and starring Ray Milland, Teresa Wright and Cedric Hardwicke, filmed in 1945 and not released until 1947. In the late Victorian Britain an aristocratic politician falls in love with a showgirl. The film is also known by the alternative title Mrs. Loring's Secret.


In 1892, showgirls Millie and Rose have a chance encounter with Clive Loring, a politician who invites them to tea. Millie falls for Clive and vows to give up the stage, but his brother Lord Belmont nevertheless disapproves.

Going out in public in stage makeup, Millie and Rose are mistaken for prostitutes. And a man Millie spends a few innocent hours with, Jose Martinez, is arrested for a murder. His only chance of being proven innocent is if Millie will provide an alibi, but she denies knowing him, fearing it will reflect poorly on Clive.

Lord Belmont's suspicions are confirmed when he attends the trial. Martinez is convicted, but it's obvious he was telling the truth in identifying Millie as the woman he'd been with at the time.

Millie is coerced into testifying as a public outcry begins for Clive to resign from Parliament. But despite the uproar, Clive decides to remain true to his love.



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