The Importance of Being Ernest

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The Importance of Being Ernest
Studio album by Ernest Tubb
Released January 1959
Recorded May–October, 1958, Bradley Film & Recording Studio, Nashville, Tennessee
Genre Country, honky tonk
Label Decca
Producer Owen Bradley
Ernest Tubb chronology
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The Importance of Being Ernest
The Ernest Tubb Story

The Importance of Being Ernest is an album by American country singer Ernest Tubb, released in 1959 (see 1959 in music).

Tubb wrote in his fan club's newsletter "I don't know who dreamed up the title but I hope that it will meet with your approval. Also, I don't like the cover picture and haven't the slightest idea where they got it. I don't believe you will like it either, but I trust that you will like what is inside the cover well enough to make up for this picture and the title. Be sure to write and let me know..."[1]


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4.5/5 stars[2]

Writing for AllMusic, critic Bruce Eder wrote the album was "Tubb's first stereo releases, and he took well to the new configuration. His voice had softened and mellowed somewhat by this time and, if anything, had a more attractive quality for this material."[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "I'm a Long Gone Daddy" (Hank Williams)
  2. "All Those Yesterdays" (Justin Tubb)
  3. "San Antonio Rose" (Bob Wills)
  4. "That My Darlin' Is Me" (Justin Tubb)
  5. "Educated Mama" (Hal Willis, Ginger Willis)
  6. "Next Voice You Hear" (Cindy Walker)
  7. "I Wonder Why I Worry Over You" (Cindy Walker)
  8. "Your Cheatin' Heart" (Hank Williams)
  9. "It Makes No Difference Now" (Jimmie Davis, Floyd Tillman)
  10. "I'm Waiting for Ships That Never Come In" (Abe Olsen, Jack Yellen)
  11. "Don't Trade Your Old Fashioned Sweetheart" (Eddie Noack)
  12. "It's the Age That Makes the Difference" (Vernon Claude, George Sherry)



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