The Impossible Dream (The Sensational Alex Harvey Band album)

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The Impossible Dream
TheImpossibleDream AlexHarveyalbum.jpg
Studio album by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
Released October 1974
Recorded 1974
Studio Apple Studios, London
Genre Hard rock
Length 43:09
Label Vertigo, 2002 CD reissue released on Mercury
Producer The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, David Batchelor
"Sergeant Fury" by Derek Wadsworth
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band chronology
The Impossible Dream
Tomorrow Belongs to Me

The Impossible Dream was the third album by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. It was released in 1974. The album was released separately on CD but can be hard to find, however, the CD is widely available on a 2 in 1 album, the other album being Tomorrow Belongs to Me. It was the band's first release to chart, reaching 16 in the UK charts.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Alex Harvey and Hugh McKenna; except where indicated

  1. "Hot City Symphony Part 1: Vambo" - 5:02
  2. "Hot City Symphony Part 2: Man in the Jar" (Alex Harvey, Hugh McKenna, Alistair Cleminson) - 8:11
  3. "River of Love" - 3:15
  4. "Long Hair Music" - 4:43
  5. "Hey" (Alex Harvey, Alistair Cleminson, Hugh McKenna) - 0:40
  6. "Sergeant Fury" (Alex Harvey, Hugh McKenna, David Batchelor) - 3:31
  7. "Weights Made of Lead" (Alex Harvey) - 2:41
  8. "Money Honey" (Jesse Stone) / "The Impossible Dream" (Mitch Leigh, Joe Darion) - 2:11
  9. "Tomahawk Kid" (Alex Harvey, Hugh McKenna, David Batchelor) - 4:30
  10. "Anthem" - 7:42
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars [1]


The Sensational Alex Harvey Band


  • Vicky Silva - guest vocals on "Anthem"
  • 2 Pipers from the London-Scottish TA Regiment (including John Gilligan) - pipes on "Anthem"
  • Dave "Cyrano" Langston - engineer on "Sergeant Fury"
  • Martin Rushent - engineer
  • Keith Davis - cover illustration, design