The Impossible Woman (1936 film)

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The Impossible Woman
The Impossible Woman (1936 film).jpg
Directed by Johannes Meyer
Written by Mia Fellmann (novel)
Thea von Harbou
Starring Dorothea Wieck
Gustav Fröhlich
Gina Falckenberg
Edwin Jürgensen
Music by Clemens Schmalstich
Cinematography Alexander von Lagorio
Edited by Fritz C. Mauch
Distributed by Europa Film
Release dates
3 April 1936
Running time
89 minutes
Country Nazi Germany
Language German

The Impossible Woman (German:Die unmögliche Frau) is a 1936 German romance film directed by Johannes Meyer and starring Dorothea Wieck, Gustav Fröhlich and Gina Falckenberg.[1] It was shot partly in Romania. It was based on the novel Madame will nicht heiraten by Mia Fellmann.


The female head of an oil company is known for her aloof manner and is known as an "impossible woman" by her employees. Eventually she falls in love with one of her engineers who has rescued the company from industrial sabotage.



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