The Impossibles (Australian band)

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The Impossibles
OriginSydney, Australia
Years active1991–present
Past membersDavid Aston, Bow Campbell, Geoff Martin, Brendan Smyly

The Impossibles is an Australian rock band, started by Bow Campbell of Front End Loader, Dave Aston of Trout Fishing in Quebec, Brendan Smyly of The Andy 500 and Geoff Martin of Imp as a gentler outlet of musical expression. The band's album was called Blanket Show and was released in 1998.


Campbell, a member of a long enduring Australian rock band (Front End Loader), and Smyly of Sydney Jazz outfit The Andy 500 formed The Impossibles, with a desire to present songs of a more subtle and subdued nature. Campbell invited Aston and Smyly invited Martin. They all appear on Jimmy Little's Messenger album. The Impossibles disintegrated in 2001 after releasing one album Blanket Show which included songs by Campbell and Smyly. Campbell formed Bow Campbell's Bloody Hell as a new vehicle for those songs that don't slot easily into any other current project.

Bow Campbell's Bloody Hell is essentially a solo effort, though with the invaluable contributions of longtime friends and musically articulate collaborators Dave Aston (drums), Geoff Martin (bass) and Jeremy Craib (piano). The band have been quietly gigging away in Sydney over the last year, but in late 2004 were offered the opportunity to record a few songs and leapt at the chance. Sound artist and engineer Scott Horscroft had some downtime at BigJesusBurger Studios in Sydney's Surry Hills and offered his time and expertise to capture the band in action.

The result is Crooked Mile. Recorded, mixed and mastered in just a few days in late 2004.



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