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Note: For the solo discography of Impressions member Curtis Mayfield, see Curtis Mayfield discography.

For the solo discography of Impressions member Jerry Butler, see Jerry Butler Discography.


Studio albums[edit]

Year Album Chart positions[1] Record label
1963 The Impressions 43 ABC-Paramount
1964 The Never Ending Impressions 52
Keep on Pushing 8 4
1965 People Get Ready 23 1
One by One 104 4
1966 Ridin' High 79 4
1967 The Fabulous Impressions 184 16 ABC
1968 We're a Winner 35 4
This Is My Country 107 5 Curtom
1969 The Versatile Impressions ABC
The Young Mods' Forgotten Story 104 21 Curtom
1970 Check Out Your Mind! 22
1972 Times Have Changed 192
1973 Preacher Man 204 31
1974 Finally Got Myself Together 176 16
1975 First Impressions 115 13
1976 Loving Power 195 24
1976 It's About Time Cotillion Records
1979 Come to My Party Chi-Sound
1981 Fan the Fire
"—" denotes the album failed to chart


Year Album Chart positions[1] Record label
1974 Three the Hard Way 202 26 Curtom
"—" denotes the album failed to chart

Compilation albums[edit]

Year Album Chart positions[1] Record label
1963 For Your Precious Love Vee-Jay Records
1965 Greatest Hits 83 2 ABC-Paramount
1968 The Best of the Impressions 172 23 ABC
1970 The Best Impressions: Curtis, Sam & Fred 23 Curtom
1971 16 Greatest Hits 180 23 ABC
1973 Curtis Mayfield/His Early Years with the Impressions 180
1977 The Vintage Years 199 Sire
1989 Definitive Impressions Kent
1997 The Very Best of the Impressions Rhino
2001 Ultimate Collection Hip-O
"—" denotes the album failed to chart


Year Single Chart positions[2] Album
UK Singles Chart[3]
1958 "For Your Precious Love"
b/w "Sweet Was The Wine" (Non-album track)
(As Jerry Butler & The Impressions)
11 3 For Your Precious Love
"Come Back My Love"
b/w "Love Me"
(As The Impressions featuring Jerry Butler)
29 Non-album tracks
"The Gift Of Love"
b/w "At The County Fair"
For Your Precious Love
1959 "Listen"
b/w "Shorty's Got To Go"
Non-album tracks
"Lovely One"
b/w "Senorita I Love You" (from For Your Precious Love)
"All Through The Night"
b/w "Meanwhile, Back In My Heart"
1960 "Say That You Love Me"
b/w "A New Love"
For Your Precious Love
1961 "Gypsy Woman"
b/w "As Long As You Love Me"
20 2 The Impressions
1962 "Don't Leave Me"
b/w "I Need Your Love" (from The Impressions)
Non-album track
"Grow Closer Together"
b/w "Can't You See" (Non-album track)
99 The Impressions
"Senorita I Love You"
b/w "Say That You Love Me"
For Your Precious Love
"Little Young Lover"
b/w "Never Let Me Go"
96 The Impressions
"Minstrel and Queen"
b/w "You've Come Home"
1963 "I'm The One Who Loves You"
b/w "I Need Your Love"
"I'm So Proud"
b/w "Never Let Me Go" (from The Impressions)
The Never Ending Impressions
"Sad, Sad Girl and Boy"
b/w "Twist and Limbo"
84 The Impressions
"It's All Right"
b/w "You'll Want Me Back" (Non-album track)
4 1
1964 "Talking About My Baby"
b/w "Never Too Much Love" (Non-album track)
12 * Keep On Pushing
"Girl You Don't Know Me"
b/w "Woman Who Loves Me"
Cancelled single
The Never Ending Impressions
"I'm So Proud"
b/w "I Made A Mistake" (from Keep On Pushing)
14 14
"Keep On Pushing"
b/w "I Love You (Yeah)"
10 * Keep On Pushing
"You Must Believe Me"
b/w "See The Real Me"
15 * People Get Ready
"Amen" / 7 * Greatest Hits
1965 "Long, Long Winter" 35 Keep On Pushing
"People Get Ready" / 14 3 People Get Ready
"I've Been Trying" 133 35 Keep On Pushing
"Woman's Got Soul"
b/w "Get Up and Move"
29 9 People Get Ready
"Meeting Over Yonder"
b/w "I've Found That I Lost" (from People Get Ready)
48 12 Non-album tracks
"I Need You" / 64 26
"Never Could You Be" 35
"Just One Kiss From You"
b/w "Twilight Time"
76 One By One
"You've Been Cheatin'"
b/w "Man, Oh Man" (Non-album track)
33 12 The Best Of The Impressions
1966 "Since I Lost The One I Love"
b/w "Falling In Love With You" (from One By One)
90 Non-album track
"Too Slow"
b/w "No One Else"
91 Ridin' High
"Can't Satisfy"
b/w "This Must End"
65 12 The Best Of The Impressions
"Love's A Comin'"
b/w "Wade In The Water" (Non-album track)
The Fabulous Impressions
1967 "You Always Hurt Me"
b/w "Little Girl"
96 20
"You've Got Me Runnin'"
b/w "It's Hard To Believe" (from People Get Ready)
50 Non-album track
"I Can't Stay Away From You"
b/w "You Ought To Be In Heaven"
80 34 The Fabulous Impressions
"We're A Winner"
b/w "It's All Over" (from The Fabulous Impressions)
14 1 We're A Winner
1968 "We're Rolling On (Part 1)"
b/w "We're Rolling On (Part 2)"
59 17 The Best Of The Impressions
"Fool For You"
b/w "I'm Loving Nothing"
22 3 This Is My Country
"I Loved and I Lost"
b/w "Up, Up and Away"
61 9 We're A Winner
"This Is My Country"
b/w "My Woman's Love"
25 8 This Is My Country
"Don't Cry My Love"
b/w "Sometimes I Wonder" (from People Get Ready)
71 44 The Versatile Impressions
1969 "My Deceiving Heart"
b/w "You Want Somebody Else" (from This Is My Country)
104 23 The Young Mods' Forgotten Story
"East Of Java"
b/w "Just Before Sunrise"
The Versatile Impressions
"Seven Years"
b/w "The Girl I Find"
84 15 The Young Mods' Forgotten Story
"Choice Of Colors"
b/w "Mighty Mighty Spade and Whitey"
21 1
"Say You Love Me"
b/w "You'll Always Be Mine"
58 10 Check Out Your Mind!
1970 "Amen (1970)" / 110 44 The Best Impressions...Curtis, Sam & Fred
"Wherever She Leadeth Me" 128 31 The Young Mods' Forgotten Story
"Check Out Your Mind"
b/w "Can't You See"
28 3 Check Out Your Mind!
"(Baby) Turn On To Me"
b/w "Soulful Love" (from The Young Mods' Forgotten Story)
56 6
1971 "Ain't Got Time"
b/w "I'm So Proud" (from The Best Impressions...Curtis, Sam & Fred)
53 12 Non-album track
"Love Me"
b/w "Do You Wanna Win" (from Check Out Your Mind!)
94 25 Times Have Changed
"Inner City Blues"
b/w "We Must Be In Love" (from Check Out Your Mind!)
1972 "This Loves For Real"
b/w "Times Have Changed"
1973 "I Need To Belong To Someone"
b/w "Love Me"
"Preacher Man"
b/w "Times Have Changed" (from Times Have Changed)
Preacher Man
"I'm Loving You"
b/w "Thin Line"
"If It's In You To Do Wrong"
b/w "Times Have Changed" (from Times Have Changed)
26 Finally Got Myself Together
1974 "Finally Got Myself Together (I'm A Changed Man)"
b/w "I'll Always Be Here"
17 1
"Something's Mighty, Mighty Wrong"
b/w "Three The Hard Way"
28 Three The Hard Way (Soundtrack)
1975 "Sooner Or Later"
b/w "Miracle Woman" (Non-album track)
68 3 First Impressions
"Same Thing It Took"
b/w "I'm So Glad"
75 3
"Loving Power" / 103 11 Loving Power
"First Impressions" 16 First Impressions
1976 "Sunshine"
b/w |I Wish I'd Stay In Bed"
36 Loving Power
"This Time"
b/w "I'm A Fool For Love"
40 It's About Time
"I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"
b/w "Silent Night"
Funky Christmas (Various artists)
1977 "You'll Never Find"
b/w "Stardust"
99 It's About Time
"Can't Get Along"
b/w "You're So Right For Me"
42 Non-album tracks
1979 "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You"
b/w "Sorry"
Come To My Party
1980 "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You"
b/w "Maybe I'm Mistaken"
1981 "For Your Precious Love" (re-recorded version)
b/w "You're Mine"
58 Fan The Fire
"Love, Love, Love"
b/w "Fan The Fire"
1987 "Can't Wait 'Til Tomorrow"
b/w "Love Workin' On Me"
91 Non-album tracks
"—" denotes the single failed to chart
  • * From November 30, 1963 to January 23, 1965, Billboard Magazine did not publish an R&B singles chart.

DVD Release[edit]

"Movin On Up: The Music and Message of Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions"(2008) [4]

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