The Incredible Toon Machine

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The Incredible Toon Machine
The Incredible Toon Machine cover.gif
Developer(s) Jeff Tunnell Productions
Publisher(s) Sierra On-Line
Platform(s) Windows, Mac OS
Release date(s) 1994, 1996
Genre(s) Puzzle
Mode(s) Single Player

The Incredible Toon Machine is a game from Sierra On-Line, and is the sequel to Sid & Al's Incredible Toons, also from Sierra. It is essentially an enhancement of Sid & Al's Incredible Toons for Windows instead of DOS, with same levels, but added multimedia features such as animated cut scenes between levels and CD music tracks.


The objective, like its sister series and its prequel, is to finish a series of Rube Goldberg contraptions with crucial parts left out. The Incredible Toon Machine features many critters, all of which also appear in its prequel, including Al E. Cat, Sid E. Mouse, Eunice Elephant, and others. Al will chase and eat Sid whenever he has the chance. Also, Sid wears heart-patterned boxers under his yellow skin.

Parts list[edit]

A lot of the parts used in The Incredible Toon Machine are different from the ones used in other The Incredible Machine games.

Most items can be flipped horizontally, a few items can be flipped vertically and the Hat Pin can be rotated in any of the four directions.

Part Description Gravity?
Bik Dragon Hit this guy and he'll spit out a flame. Flames can be used to light bombs, heat teapots, pop balloons, or torch Sid and Al. No
Eunice Elephant Eunice has numerous uses. She always runs from Sid Mouse, blasts her trunk when hit from behind, and bats back any items that fall on her trunk. She will also suck up anything in front of her if she sees a peanut. No
Hildegard Hen If something hits Hildegard, she'll lay eggs. The number of eggs she lays can be adjusted. No
Teapot A cartoon teapot. Teapot spits out steam when heated by Bik or the hair-dryer. No
Ratapult Shoots rocks when hit by something. The number of rocks thrown can be adjusted. No
Balloon It floats! Attach a rope to it and something else. Yes
Air Mattress Anything dropped on the air mattress will bounce. The more times it bounces, the higher it goes. No
Magnifying Glass Sid can use this to scare Al, making him run away. No
Piano / Anvil Drop these on characters to see what they do. You can also attach ropes to these. Yes
Hat Pin Useful for popping balloons or poking Sid and Al. No
Pencil Sid or Al can use this to attack the other. Try dropping it on their heads. Yes
Bubble Gum Sid or Al will chew gum and blow a bubble, causing them to float. Yes
Egg Do I really need to describe what an egg is? Useful for utilizing a Chow-Man Motor. Yes
Fish Al loves fish. If you want him to go somewhere, put this next to it. Yes
Cheese The same thing as Fish, but for Sid. Yes
Peanut When Eunice sees a peanut, she'll suck it into her trunk. This causes all objects in front of her (except those not affected by gravity) to move towards her as well. Yes
Banana Sid and Al both like Bananas. Once a banana is eaten, they will throw the peel behind them. Anything stepping on the peel will slip. The banana can also be programmed to be a peel. Yes
Rope Ropes have several uses in the game. They can be used to connect an object to an eyehook to prevent it from falling, to attach items to balloons to pull the aforementioned item up, or to attach an item to a falling object to pull the aforementioned item down. You will often connect them through pulleys to skeleto-bobbins and trans-roto-matics. N/A
Teeter-Totter This can be used to pull a rope. It can also be pulled by a rope. Drop something on it to move it, or balance something on it and pull the other end with a rope. No
Eye-Hook Hook a rope to it. No
Scissors Hit it and it will cut a rope that's between it. If Sid or Al see scissors, they'll pull down the handle. No
Pulleys Pulleys are used to connect ropes. Pulleys change the direction the force of the rope comes from. No
Pistol Bang! Pull the trigger with a rope and it'll shoot anything in its way. Great for popping balloons or affecting other objects that are affected by gravity. It can also be adjusted just like the ratapult. No
Lunch Whistle Pull it with a rope and Sid and Al stop everything when the lunch whistle goes off. No
Trap Door Yawn, rope and pull. Makes whatever is on it drop down. Can also be blasted open with a bomb. No
Belt Belts are used to connect gears, conveyor belts, cliff ants, chow-man motors, trans-roto-matics, and skeleto-bobbins together. They have a very short range. N/A
Conveyor Belt When connected to a motor, it moves stuff. No
Gears Use a pair of gears to change the direction a belt turns. No
Cliff Ant If something hits Cliff Ant, he'll start pedaling his wheel. Turns belts. No
Chow-Man Motor Another type of motor. Drop some food, usually an egg, in front of him, and he'll start walking on his treadmill. Turns belts. No
Electric Switch and Outlet Your basic power outlet. It is switched off by default, so you'll have to find something to flip it on with. You can change whether up or down is off. No
Vacuum This item sucks... literally. Requires electricity to operate. No
Hair-Dryer Pushes items and heats things up. Also does funny things to Sid and Al. No
Timer A programmable electric timer. Pushes things when its timer expires. The time on the timer can be adjusted. No
Up/Down Counter Bumping one end of the timer makes it count up, bumping the other end makes it count down. When bumped, the timer will also push anything on the other side. It can also be adjusted, just like the ratapult and pistol. No
Thumpulator Hit the button on the top or bottom and the thumpulator punches anything next to it. It can use up to 3 at the time. No
Electro-ramp A ramp that changes direction when something passes under it. No
Message Machine This item is usually part of a stage goal, so you rarely get to place it yourself. Adjusted any letter, number or some symbol Bumping the button on the bottom or pulling the curtain with a rope causes this to reveal a letter. No
Trans-Roto-Matic The opposite of the Skeleto-bobbin. This changes translational motion (rope) to rotational motion (belt). You can also activate this device by bumping the end of the rod opposite the eyehook. Not only will this turn the belt, but it will also pull any rope connected to the eyehook. No
Skeleto-Bobbin This device changes motion types. Connect a cliff ant or chow-man motor to it, and it will change the rotational motion (belt) to translational motion (rope). No
Black Bomb It's a bomb. What do you think it does? Light it with Bik, a World War II Bombshell, or another Black Bomb to make it explode. Yes
World War II Bombshell Drop it on something to make it explode. Yes
Dust Bunny Does different things when dropped on characters. Can also be used to bump things. Yes
Rock What rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs? Yes
Ball-o-Yarn Attracts Al. Acts like a ball in all other respects. Yes
Balls (Baseball/Soccer/Beach/Bearing/Super/Blue/Small Super) These all will roll down inclines and bounce. The bounce height varies by type of ball, with ball bearing bouncing the least and Striped Super Ball bouncing the most. Yes
Marble Similar to the ball category above, but isn't affected by gravity. No
Ladder Sid or Al will climb up or down this if you can lure them to it. No
Tunnel Sid or Al will go through this if you can lure them to it. They will come out the opposite side after a few seconds. When placing a tunnel, you place both the entrance and exit point. No
Rug Sid can run over a rug, but Al falls right through it. Yes
Walls (Steel/Wooden/Rock/Log/Vertebrae/Dog Bone) Various types of walls/floors that you can place. The slipperiness of these floors varies from Wooden Wall being least slippery to Dog Bone Wall being very slippery. This knowledge is only useful if you have a banana. No
Incline (Candy Cane/Tile Roof/Thatched Straw/Stone/Vertebrae/Cracked Bone) Similar to walls/floors, but these are sloped. The slipperiness of these slopes varies from Thatched Wall Incline being the least slippery to Candy Cane Incline being the most slippery. No

Development history[edit]

Although the basic concepts are similar between the original series and the cartoon-style series, they differ in the design of the parts. Some parts exist only in the cartoon-style series, some only in the original series.


The Incredible Toon Machine is the last in its brief series.


Both games are sister products of Sierra's famous series The Incredible Machine.


Several glitches have been reported. If two or three Al parts grab a fish part at exactly the same time, there will be two or three fishes eaten. This also happens with the following:

  • 2 or 3 Sid Parts and 1 Cheese Part
  • 2 or 3 Sid or Al Parts and 1 Banana or Bubble Gum Part
  • 1 Sid Part, 1 Al Part and 1 Banana or Bubble Gum Part

If 2 Als catch one Sid at the same time, that Sid becomes 2 Sids and each Al eats one.

Also, if Al gets close enough to Sid after knocking his head on a ceiling, he will begin to run in the other direction for a second, turn around, pounce, and catch Sid.

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