The Incredibles (film score)

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The Incredibles
TheIncredibles Soundtrack.jpg
Film score by Michael Giacchino
Released November 2, 2004
Recorded 2003–04
Genre Score, classical
Length 57:44
Label Walt Disney
Producer Michael Giacchino
Pixar score chronology
Finding Nemo
The Incredibles
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]
Empire 4/5 stars[2]
Filmtracks 4/5 stars[3]
Movie Music UK 4/5 stars[4]
Movie Wave 4/5 stars[5] 4/5 stars[6]

The Incredibles is the soundtrack album to the 2004 Disney-Pixar film of the same name composed by Michael Giacchino. The Incredibles is the first Pixar film to be scored by Michael Giacchino. Brad Bird was looking for a specific sound as inspired by the film's design — the future as seen from the 1960s. John Barry was the first choice to do the film's score, with a trailer of the film given a rerecording of Barry's theme to On Her Majesty's Secret Service. However, Barry did not wish to duplicate the sound of some of his earlier soundtracks;[7] the assignment was instead given to Michael Giacchino.[8]

The complete orchestral score was released on November 2, 2004, three days before the film opened in theaters. It won numerous awards for Best Score and was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media. Music used for the film's trailers but not available on the soundtrack album includes "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", from the Propellerheads album Decksandrumsandrockandroll, as well as excerpts from the David Arnold project Shaken and Stirred: The David Arnold James Bond Project. The animated short Jack-Jack Attack, which accompanied the film's DVD release also features the "Alla Turca" movement from Mozart's Piano Sonata No. 11, 4th movement of Eine kleine Nachtmusik and Dies irae from Requiem.


Giacchino noted that recording in the 1960s was largely different than modern day recording and Dan Wallin, the recording engineer, said that Bird wanted an old feel, and as such the score was recorded on analogue tapes. Wallin noted that brass instruments, which are at the forefront of the score of The Incredibles, sound better on analog equipment rather than digital. Wallin came from an era in which music was recorded, according to Giacchino, "the right way," which consists of everyone in the same room, "playing against each other and feeding off each other's energy" Tim Simonec was the conductor/orchestrator for the recording of the score.[9]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Michael Giacchino.

No. Title Length
1. "The Glory Days" 3:32
2. "Mr. Huph Will See You Now" 1:35
3. "Adventure Calling" 2:23
4. "Bob vs. The Omnidroid" 2:53
5. "Lava in the Afternoon" 1:29
6. "Life's Incredible Again" 1:24
7. "Off to Work" 1:59
8. "New and Improved" 2:15
9. "Kronos Unveiled" 3:16
10. "Marital Rescue" 2:19
11. "Missile Lock" 2:07
12. "Lithe or Death" 3:24
13. "100 Mile Dash" 3:07
14. "A Whole Family of Supers" 3:27
15. "Escaping Nomanisan" 1:45
16. "Road Trip!" 2:27
17. "Saving Metroville" 5:03
18. "The New Babysitter" 3:26
19. "The Incredits" 7:21


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