The Independents (Liechtenstein)

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The Independents

Die Unabhängigen
LeaderHarry Quaderer
HeadquartersFeldkircherstrasse 50
LI-9494 Schaan
IdeologyRight-wing populism[1][2]
Political positionRight-wing[2]
European affiliationNone
International affiliationNone
Seats in Landtag
5 / 25

The Independents (German: Die Unabhängigen; abbreviated DU, meaning "YOU" in German), is a right-wing populist[1][2] Eurosceptic political party in Liechtenstein. In the 2013 parliamentary election, the first they contested, they won 29,740 votes (15.3%) and four seats in the Landtag.[3] DU is headed by former Patriotic Union parliamentarian Harry Quaderer.

International commentators suggested that the party had benefited from protest votes against austerity measures.[4][5]

Political positions[edit]

DU is not a party in the traditional sense, having incorporated as a party solely to take advantage of the financial and political rights associated with that status; its platform calls for Members of the Landtag to be able to vote based on their own convictions rather than party pressures.[6] According to Leiden University political science professor Wouter Veenendaal, the DU has an ideology "similar to that of the Progressive Citizens' Party and the Patriotic Union but its style is brasher."[2]

In 2015 the party called for Liechtenstein to reject the European Union's proposed resettlement of refugees, specifically stating that the EU policies "led by Merkel's Germany" were absurd.[7]

Electoral results[edit]

Election Votes % Seats +/– Position Government
2013 29,739 15.3
4 / 25
Increase 4 Increase 3rd Opposition
2017 35,885 18.4
5 / 25
Increase 1 Steady 3rd Opposition

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