The Indian Tomb (1938 film)

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The Indian Tomb
The Indian Tomb (1938 film).jpg
Film poster
Directed by Richard Eichberg
Produced by Richard Eichberg (producer)
Herbert Engelsing (line producer)
Screenplay by Richard Eichberg (writer)
Hans Klaehr (writer)
Arthur Pohl (writer)
Based on Das indische Grabmal by Thea von Harbou
Music by Harald Böhmelt
Cinematography Ewald Daub
W. Meyer-Bergelt
Hans Schneeberger
Hugo O. Schulze
Edited by Willy Zeyn
Release date
Running time
94 minutes
100 minutes (Germany)
Country Nazi Germany
Language German

The Indian Tomb (German: Das indische Grabmal) is a 1938 German film directed by Richard Eichberg and starring Philip Dorn, La Jana and Theo Lingen. It was the sequel to Eichberg's The Tiger of Eschnapur.


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