The Indians

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The Indians. Tortola lies in the background.

The Indians are an uninhabited small archipelago of islets in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. They are west of the small British Pelican Island and east of the small US Flanagan Island.

They are located south of larger British Tortola Island and east of the large US Saint John Island.

They were so named because from a distance they were thought to resemble a Native American's head dress.

The Indians are also the second most popular dive site in the British Virgin Islands after the wreck of the RMS Rhone. The shallower areas of the Indians are also a popular snorkelling site and the area has several mooring balls for day use.

Coordinates: 18°19′54″N 64°37′44″W / 18.3318°N 64.6288°W / 18.3318; -64.6288