The Infaceables

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The Infaceables: Mystic Warriors of Change was a 1984 toyline by Galoob in which plain-face characters grew more animalistic through the use of vacuum suction. Figures have faces which change from man to beast.

Forces of good are led by Iron Lion and forces of evil by Tembo in the war for control of the earth.


Heroic Warriors[edit]

  • Iron Lion (lion)
  • Sphinx (cobra)
  • Robash (robot)
  • War Dog (dog)

Evil Warriors[edit]

  • Tembo (mammoth)
  • Brainior (alien cyborg)
  • Torto the Claw (tortoise)
  • Tuskus (pre-historic walrus)


Heroic Vehicles[edit]

  • Incredible Thrasher
  • The Crusher Cruiser

Evil Vehicle[edit]

  • The Horrible Hammer