The Inheritors (1995 The Outer Limits)

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"The Inheritors"
The Outer Limits episode
Episode no.Season 5
Episode 17
Directed byMike Rohl
Written bySam Egan
Original air date16 July 1999
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
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"The Haven"
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"Essence of Life"
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"The Inheritors" is an episode of The Outer Limits television show. It first aired on 16 July 1999, during the fifth season. This episode is loosely based on the original series' episode of the same name.


A man is walking home with his girlfriend when he is suddenly struck by a meteorite in the head. When the morticians remove the object from his head, he rises from the dead. He's not the only one who "rises" — and they seem to have a plan now...

Opening narration[edit]


The Medical Examiner who conducted the autopsy, Dr. Ian Michaels, shaken, reports the bizarre events to homicide investigator Lt. Joseph Dane, who is skeptical to say the least. The mystery deepens, when during a visit to his comatose wife (a long-term victim of a hit and run driver) at a local hospital, Ian learns that Jacob Hardy was not the only meteor casualty who had inexplicably risen from the dead. So did a taxi driver, Curtis Sawyer, and waitress Kelly Risely.

The police investigation reveals that all three have apparently become geniuses in the wake of their transformations. But more unsettling is that all of them seem to be working together...

Unbeknownst to Ian or the police, the three meteor victims are using the alien projectiles which struck them to build a mysterious machine, capable of vaporizing living things. The apparent conspiracy becomes more sinister when the three gather a large group of patients who are near death, including Ian's wife Daria, and prepare to subject them to the ray. Hardy tells his girlfriend and Dr. Michaels that the patients are being sent to repopulate a dying planet; out of respect for their leaving Earth, the aliens will cure them of their diseases and infirmities. Lt. Dane tries to stop Hardy from sending Dane through by shooting him, but Dr. Michaels chooses to let her go, and in fact goes with her, citing his "faith" in Hardy's claims. Hardy, Sawyer, and Risely step into the machine and disappear. The machine then disassembles itself in front of Dane and Hardy's girlfriend. Unlike the original Outer Limits episode of the same name, the fate of those who stepped into the machine is not revealed.

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