The Insensitive Princess

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La Princesse insensible
The title card depicts, in backlit silhouette, the princess leaving her carriage and ascending the steps to the theatre, with, superimposed over the dusk sky above, the text "La Princesse insensible de Michel Ocelot".
Original French title card
Also known as'The Impassive Princess
The Insensitive Princess[1]
GenreFairy tale cartoon series
Created byMichel Ocelot
Written byMichel Ocelot
Directed byMichel Ocelot
Voices ofYves Arcanel
Narrated byMichel Ocelot
Composer(s)Christian Maire
Country of originFrance
Original language(s)French
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes13
Editor(s)Michèle Péju
Running time4 minutes
Production company(s)Antenne 2
animation art graphique audiovisuel[2]
DistributorFrance Télévisions distribution (DVD-Video)
Original networkAntenne 2
Picture format16 mm colour film[3]
Original releaseDecember 21, 1983 (1983-12-21)[4]

The Insensitive Princess (French: La Princesse insensible)[1] is a 1983 French animated television series written and directed by Michel Ocelot.[3] The animation is a combination of cel and cutout animation (with the opening credits in silhouette animation) while the elaborate architectural style of the production design has been said to be reminiscent, though visual association, of Charles Perrault and Jean de La Fontaine's fairy tales;[5] like Ocelot's Les Trois Inventeurs before it and several episodes of the later Ciné si it takes place in a literary fairy tale-like fantasy setting, specifically a palatial theater, which mixes the ornate styles of decoration and dress of the upper-classes of both the time of the Ancien Régime and the belle époque and includes such fanciful technology as a baroque-styled submarine, elements of outright fantasy such as dragons and such anachronisms as a reference to motorcycles.

It won first prize in its category at the 3rd Bourg-en-Bresse Animation Festival for Youth and the audience prize at the 6th Odense Film Festival.[1][3]




  1. Le Prince dompteur (The Tamer Prince)
  2. Le Prince jardinier (The Gardener Prince)
  3. Le Prince à transformations (The Transforming Prince)
  4. Le Prince météorologue (The Meteorologist Prince)
  5. Le Prince sourcier (The Dowser Prince)
  6. Le Prince volant (The Flying Prince)
  7. Le Prince sous-marin (The Submarine Prince)
  8. Le Prince peintre (The Painter Prince)
  9. Le Prince décorateur (The Decorator Prince)
  10. Le Prince magicien (The Magician Prince)
  11. Le Prince qui fait semblant (The Pretending Prince)
  12. Le Prince artificier (The Pyrotechnist Prince)
  13. Le Prince écolier[4] (The Schoolboy Prince)

International broadcasts[edit]

Country Title Network
 Argentina La Princesa insensible
 Mexico La Princesa insensible Once TV
 Israel הנסיכה האדישה Israeli Educational Television
 Portugal A Princesa insensível[6] Canal 1


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