The Inspector (1962 film)

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The Inspector
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Philip Dunne
Produced by Mark Robson
Written by Nelson Gidding (writer)
Based on The Inspector 1960 novel
by Jan de Hartog[1][2]
Starring Stephen Boyd
Dolores Hart
Leo McKern
Music by Malcolm Arnold
Cinematography Arthur Ibbetson, BSC
Edited by Ernest Walter
Red Lion Films
Distributed by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
Release date
May 24, 1962 (1962-05-24)
Running time
112 min.
Country United Kingdom
United States
Language English

The Inspector (a.k.a. Lisa) is a 1962 CinemaScope DeLuxe Color British-American drama film directed by Philip Dunne, starring Stephen Boyd and Dolores Hart. Hart plays Lisa Held, a Dutch Jewish girl who has survived the horror of Auschwitz concentration camp.


In 1946 Holland, Lisa Held (Dolores Hart), a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II, has fallen prey to ex-Nazi Thorens (Marius Goring), who has promised to smuggle her into Palestine. In reality, Thorens is a white slaver who plans to send Lisa to South America. Unbeknownst to both Lisa and Thorens, they are being trailed by Dutch Inspectors Peter Jongman (Stephen Boyd) and Sergeant Wolters (Donald Pleasence). Jongman carries with him the guilt of not having saved his Jewish fiancée from death at the hands of the Nazis during the war. Jongman follows Lisa and Thorens to London, where Jongman meets with Thorens to discuss Lisa’s situation. During their encounter, Jongman strikes Thorens, who accidentally falls into an SS dagger and dies. Jongman leaves, unaware of Thorens’ death, and thinks Thorens has only passed out from the blow.

Upon returning to Amsterdam with Lisa, Jongman visits his mother (Jean Anderson) and sister (Jane Jordan Rogers). Jongman’s mother initially believes Lisa is taking advantage of her son, until Lisa reveals she was experimented with while at the medical research block in Auschwitz. Later, Jongman visits Dutch police headquarters, and is confronted by his superiors about Thorens’ death. Jongman explains to his chief and to Wolters that he only struck Thorens but did not kill him. Not knowing the truth about Thorens’ death, Jongman suspects Lisa killed Thorens instead.

Jongman takes time off, and decides to help Lisa reach Palestine, probably to make amends for his inability to save his Jewish girlfriend. Through his contacts in shipping circles, Jongman finds work for himself and Lisa on a Dutch barge owned by Captain Brandt. While traveling in the barge, Lisa and Jongman begin to fall in love, while slowly gaining the acceptance of the crusty but goodhearted Brandt.

Eventually, Lisa and Jongman make their way to Tangiers, where they meet a colorful Dutch smuggler named Klaus Van der Pink (Hugh Griffith). Jongman attempts to strike a deal with Van der Pink, but his price to arrange passage to Palestine is too high. Jongman then seeks help from American Browne (Neil McCallum), who agrees to help them get to Palestine. During a required medical examination for Lisa before her trip, Jongman discovers that the Nazis had experimented with Lisa while at Auschwitz. Jongman reaffirms his growing love for Lisa. Lisa rejects Jongman, however, because she feels incapable of being a wife or a mother due to her Auschwitz ordeal, despite the doctor’s belief that her damage is more psychological than physical. Jongman also finds out from a British agent named Roger Dickens (Robert Stephens), that he is wanted back in London for questioning about Thorens’ death.

Due to her Auschwitz experience, both the British and American authorities in Tangiers exert pressure on Lisa not to go to Palestine, and to consider testifying at the Nuremberg War Trials instead. Lisa agrees to testify but changes her mind while at the airport, and continues with her plans to go with Jongman to Palestine. Knowing that the British are planning to block any attempt by Lisa to enter Palestine, Jongman makes a deal with Dickens. In return for allowing Lisa to enter Palestine, Jongman offers to surrender to the British police after Lisa safely arrives in Palestine. Jongman also arranges passage to Palestine for Lisa and himself in one of Van der Pink smuggling vessels, in exchange for signing a contract to work for Van der Pink for a year without pay. Once Jongman safely delivers Lisa into the hands of the Haganah in Palestine, Jongman leaves Lisa behind in order to keep his deal with the British authorities.


The conclusion of this epic was filmed at Three Cliffs Bay, on the beautiful Gower Peninsula in a South Wales, UK. It is suggested that one of the film crew spotted the location during the 2nd World War when flying overhead in his aircraft.


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