The International Preparatory School

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The International Preparatory School
110 14th Street
Front Park
Buffalo, New York, Erie, 14213
United States
Coordinates 42°54′15″N 78°53′05″W / 42.9042107°N 78.8847496°W / 42.9042107; -78.8847496Coordinates: 42°54′15″N 78°53′05″W / 42.9042107°N 78.8847496°W / 42.9042107; -78.8847496
Type Comprehensive School of Choice
Established 2007
Status Priority School
School number 198
Principal Carlos R. Alvarez, Jr.
Assistant principals Danielle A. Cugalj
Karen L. Murray
Grades 5-12
Enrollment 534
Team name Presidents
S.A.M.[1] Jamie P. Barden

The International Preparatory School is a high school that serves grades 5-12 in the Lower West Side of Buffalo, New York . The school chiefly draws on the largely immigrant population of the West Side, and over 40 languages are spoken by the student body.[2] The current principal is Mr. Carlos Alvarez, and the current assistant principals are Ms. Danielle Cugalj and Mrs. Karen Murray.


I-Prep's temporary location on Clinton Street from 2011-2013

The school was first established in 2007 as a school within a school at Grover Cleveland High School to serve the growing diversity of Buffalo's Lower West Side. From 2007-2011, the school was based in the building while sharing space with the Grover Cleveland High School students. From 2011-2013, International Prep was housed in the former PS 187 Buffalo Academy for Visual & Performing Arts while renovations were being made to the Grover Cleveland building. International Prep returned to Grover Cleveland High in 2013.

Former principal[edit]

Previous assignment and reason for departure denoted in parentheses

  • Mr. Kevin J. Eberle–2007-2013 (Principal - Grover Cleveland High School, named Interim Principal of School 115)

Former assistant principal[edit]


Year Superintendent Principal Asst. Principal Asst. Principal
2007-2008 James Williams Kevin Eberle
2008-2009 James Williams Kevin Eberle
2009-2010 James Williams Kevin Eberle Gabriella Morquecho
2010-2011 James Williams Kevin Eberle Gabriella Morquecho
2011-2012 Amber Dixon* Kevin Eberle Gabriella Morquecho
2012-2013 Pam Brown Kevin Eberle Gabriella Morquecho
2013-2014 Pam Brown Carlos Alvarez Danielle Cugalj
2014-2015 Don Oglivie* Carlos Alvarez Danielle Cugalj Karen Murray


International Prep is accredited with the College Board. It offers a College Preparatory curriculum and an Architecture & Design academy through University at Buffalo for its high school students. It is partnered with University at Buffalo, D'Youville College, Father Belle Center, and Community Action Organization.[2]


Period Number/Activity Beginning Bell End Bell
Period 1 7:55 8:47
Period 2 8:50 9:32
Period 3 9:35 10:17
Period 4 10:20 11:02
Grades 9-12 Lunch 11:05 11:25
Period 5 Grades 5-8 11:05 11:47
Period 5 Grades 9-12 11:28 12:10
Period 6 Grades 7-8 11:50 12:32
Grades 5-6 Lunch 11:50 12:10
Period 6 Grades 5-6, 9-12 12:13 12:55
Grades 7-8 Lunch 12:35 12:55
Period 7 12:58 1:40
Period 8 1:43 2:25



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