The Invincible Armour

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Invincible Armor is a 1977 kung fu film starring Hwang Jang Lee, John Liu and Phillip Ko.


The Emperor's Minister of State Cheng, an authoritarian ruler, arranges for Hu Lung, one of his old students to distract General Chow while he assassinates the leader of the Ming rebels. Chow hunts for Hu Lung, but must avoid the authorities since he is a suspect in the murder. He eventually finds Hu Lung's, but is thwarted by Hu Lung's teacher and Minister Cheng's hired enforcer, Shen Yu. Shen Yu is hunting for Chow in order to arrest him.

Although Shen Yu wants to arrest Chow, he does not kill him, preferring that he goes to court first. This goes against Minister Cheng's orders to kill him. Hu Lung escapes during a confrontation between Chow and Shen Yu. Hu Lung confesses to his teacher that he was ordered to kill the rebel leader, and Hu Lung's teacher confronts Minister Cheng.

Chow learns iron finger to defeat the Invincible Armor technique from a boy and his sister but his training is cut short when Shen Yu arrives to arrest him again. He gives Chow three days to clear his name. Minister Chang's plot is eventually exposed and he is confronted by Chow, Shen Yu, and others.


  • Hwang Jang Lee – Minister Cheng
  • John Liu – Chow Lung Fu
  • Hoi Sang Lee – Hu Lung
  • Tino Wong – Shen Yu
  • Phillip Ko – Hu’s teacher

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