The Iron Lady (TV series)

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The Iron Lady
Starring Yeo Yann Yann
Aenie Wong
Music by
Country of origin Malaysia
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 35
Running time approx. 45 minutes
Distributor ntv7, Double Vision
Original network ntv7
Original release 17 March – 17 May 2009
Preceded by Lion.Hearts
Followed by Welcome Home, My Love

The Iron lady is another series produced by ntv7 and Double Vision. The series began its run on 17 March 2009 at 10:00 pm on ntv7.


In earlier times and not very long ago, girls born to traditional Chinese families were deprived of privileges and opportunities reserved for males. Most of them accepted their fate dutifully and submissively.

But one woman of those oppressed times dared defy the hand she was dealt. Opportunist, manipulator, ambitious, she desired power to control her own destiny above all else. This is the story of an unconventional woman of extraordinary will and determination who seized control of her fate at all costs!


The Gao Family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Jacky Kam Fu Shao Zhang Shi Qin's husband
Man Hua, Man Ling, Tian Yao and Lin Xi father's
Yeo Yann Yann Gao Shi Qin Eldest child to the firstborn of Gao family
Mandy Chen Gao Man Hua Eldest child in family
Man Ling's elder sister
Tian Yao's step-sister
Angie Seow Gao Man Ling Second child in family
Man Hua's younger sister
Tian Yao's step-sister
Zhen Ming's wife
Jeffery Cheng Gao Tian Yao Youngest child of Yu Zhi and Shao Zhang
Lin Xi's twin brother
Aenie Wong Lin Xi Yu Zhi & Shao Zhang's daughter
Tian Yao's twin sister
Zhen Ming's ex-fiancee

Other casts[edit]

Cast Role Description
Frederick Lee Ou Zhen Ming Tian Yao's best friend
Lin Xi's ex-fiancee
Man Ling's husband
Hishiko Woo Yu Zhi Age 20's
Tian Yao, Lin Xi &Lin Bing's mother
Seck Fok Yee Yu Zhi Age 50's
Same character portrayed by Hishiko
Chen Huen Phuei Lin Bing Yu Zhi's daughter, Lin Xi's sister

Awards and nominations[edit]

Golden Awards 2010

  • Won: Best Drama
  • Won: Most Popular Drama
  • Won: Best Actress (Yeo Yann Yann)
  • Nominated: Most Popular Actress (Yeo Yann Yann)
  • Won: Best Supporting Actress (Sck Fook Yee)
  • Won: Best Drama Theme Song

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