The Irrelevant Show

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The Irrelevant Show
Genre Sketch comedy
Running time 30 minutes
Country of origin CAN
Starring Cathy Derkach
Neil Grahn
Mark Meer
Jana O'Connor
Donovan Workun
Original release 2003 – present

The Irrelevant Show is a half-hour radio sketch comedy show airing on CBC Radio One.

Broadcast history[edit]

The show initially broadcast Saturday afternoons during the third hour of Definitely Not the Opera starting in 2003. Early in 2004 it was given a slot of its own late Saturday mornings for a short series of nine shows, and in 2005 returned as a recurring comedy show broadcast as part of DNTO. The show returned for another series in the summer of 2008, airing Friday nights and Saturday mornings. On December 31, 2008, An Irrelevant New Year's brought in the new year on Radio One with a full hour of sketches that didn't make it to air in the previous summer.

A second New Year's Eve show was recorded at the Yardbird Suite in Edmonton on September 28, 2009 and aired on Radio One on December 31, 2009.

The 2010 series had its first regular season run starting Sept. 11, 2010 at 11:35 AM EST and it concluded on Jan. 1, 2011.

Starting on July 2, 2011, the series had a 10-week run as part of the network's summer season and the series' current season began on January 7, 2012.


Each episode of The Irrelevant Show consists of a series of comedy sketches. Typical sketches from the series comment humorously on popular culture in some way, with sketches like Bionic Centurion Trucker, the helpline operator for The Matrix computer system, the Jane Austen Drinking Game, or the mock expose on the Salvation Army's Special Forces unit.


The first series was recorded live at the Varscona Theatre in the Old Strathcona district of Edmonton. Subsequent episodes were recorded before a live audience at the Stanley A. Milner Library Theatre in downtown Edmonton. The 2008 series returned to the Varscona Theatre. Since then, the show has been recorded at a variety of Edmonton venues, including the Yardbird Suite, La Cité Francophone, the Arden Theatre in St. Albert, and Festival Place in Sherwood Park.

Cast and writers[edit]

The original cast included Wes Borg, Paul Mather, Mark Meer, Jana O'Connor and Donovan Workun.

The 2008 cast was Leona Brausen, Marianne Copithorne, Neil Grahn, Meer, O'Connor, Workun and Joe Bird. Eric Wagers provided sound effects.

The 2010 series featured the same cast with music by Jill Pollock and Ben Sures. Dave Clarke provided sound effects.

Writers for the 2008-2010 series include Meer, Grahn, O'Connor, Cathleen Rootsaert, Dana Andersen, Ian Boothby, Jeff Haslam, Jocelyn Ahlf, Belinda Cornish, Josh Dean, Ron Pederson, Kurt Smeaton, George Westerholm, Chris Craddock, Matt Watts, Maggie Castle, Nile Seguin and writers from Mostly Water Theatre, Gordon's Big Bald Head, and Lobster Telephone. Neil Grahn is head writer.[1]

Since 2011 the show featured songs cowritten by Jan Randall and Peter Brown featuring various singers including Jocelyn Ahlf, Kieren Martin Murphy, Ryan Parker, Cathy Derkach, and Farren Timateo accompanied by Jan Randall on piano.

In 213 Marianne Coppithorne was replaced by Cathy Derkach.


Best Radio Program or Clip (nominated), Canadian Comedy Awards, 2011. 2010 Season, Episode 1

Best Radio Program or Clip (nominated), Canadian Comedy Awards, 2010. "Doug, the Last Man on Earth" written by Dana Anderson and Neil Grahn, performed by Mark Meer and Grahn.

Best Regularly Scheduled Comedy Program - Bronze Medal - The 2009 New York Festivals – International Radio Broadcasting Awards.

Best Radio Clip, Canadian Comedy Awards, 2009. "Zen Hokey Pokey" written by George Westerholm, performed by Joe Bird.

Best Radio Clip (nominated), Canadian Comedy Awards, 2009. "Witch Smoke" written by Matt Stanton, performed by Mark Meer and Marianne Copithorne.

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