The Irrepressibles

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The Irrepressibles
Origin London, UK
Genres Alternative
Chamber Pop
Members Jamie McDermott
Sarah Kershaw
Chloe Treacher
Ollie Hipkin
Past members Apollo
Ian Tripp
Charlie Stock
Jordan Hunt
Sophie Li
James Field
Nicole Robson
Helen White (a.k.a. Hazlitt)
Allan Bradbury
Anja McCloskey
Andy Harris
Peter Mills
Craig White
Rosie Reed
Anna Westlake
Amy Kelly

The Irrepressibles is an art pop collective founded and led by composer and musician Jamie McDermott.


Created in 2003, the band have released two full studio albums to date and 5 EPs, with a further 6th slated for release in 2014.

Mirror Mirror[edit]

On the January 11, 2010, The Irrepressibles released their debut studio album, Mirror Mirror, a collection of 12 baroque pop songs produced by Dimitri Tikovoi and William Turner Duffin, and written by Jamie McDermott. The album features the single "In This Shirt".

Mirror Mirror received critical acclaim. The Guardian called it "theatrical and very different, a ripe, colourful riposte to all that is Cowell" [1] and The Independent described it as "a dramatic soundscape dripping with echoes of the Weimar Republic and la belle époque."[2]

"In This Shirt"[edit]

"In This Shirt" garnered critical and public acclaim after it was used as the soundtrack for short film, The Lady Is Dead, by Israeli production company PAG Films, described by Sundance Channel as "fantastic".[3]


In November 2012, The Irrepressibles released their second album, Nude. Self-produced by Jamie McDermott, the album similarly received critical acclaim. The Quietus described it as a "remarkably varied and unpredictable album" stating that "the results border on the spectacular".[4] The Independent gave it 4 out of 5 stars, calling it "an act of bravery in a cowardly world" and "swaddled in the most beautiful musical finery".[5]

Nude EPs[edit]

2013 saw the release of Nude : Landscapes, the first of three EPs inspired by - and expanding on - the band's second album. This first EP saw the band take a "minimal symphonic" and "acoustic" direction, as described by McDermott in an interview with QX Magazine.[6] The second EP, Nude : Viscera, released on the February 14, 2014, "brings together influences from New Wave, Grunge, and Exotica".[7] The third EP, Nude : Forbidden, was released on April 6, 2014.


The Irrepressibles have been remixed by various artists including Iamamiwhoami, Röyksopp, Hercules & Love Affair and Zero 7. Jamie McDermott has also provided guest vocals for Rex The Dog's single "Do You Feel What I Feel" and in 2013 on Röyksopp's single "Something in My Heart" and "Twenty Thirteen" (available for free (not really free) download on the Röyksopp website). He is also featured on Röyksopp's album The Inevitable End on the tracks "You Know I Have to Go", "I Had This Thing", "Here She Comes Again", and "Compulsion", in addition to the previously released "Something in My Heart". He is credited as 'Jamie Irrepressible'.


  • Jamie Irrepressible (formerly Jamie McDermott) - lead vocals, guitar, piano, electronic programming and composition
  • Sarah Kershaw - piano, vocals
  • Chloe Treacher - cello, double bass, vocals
  • Ollie Hipkin - percussion

Past members[edit]

  • Apollo - violin, vocals
  • Ian Tripp - percussion, vocals
  • Charlie Stock - viola, vocals
  • Jordan Hunt - violin, vocals
  • Sophie Li - double bass, vocals
  • James Field - percussion, vocals
  • Nicole Robson - cello, vocals
  • Helen White (a.k.a. Hazlitt) - violin, vocals
  • Allan Bradbury - cello
  • Anja McCloskey - accordion, Piano
  • Andy Harris - bass guitar
  • Peter Mills - piano
  • Craig White - oboe, cor anglais, vocals
  • Olivia Duque - oboe cor anglais, vocals
  • Rosie Reed - flute, vocals
  • Laura Jay - flute, vocals
  • Anna Westlake - clarinet, saxophone, and vocals
  • Amy Kelly - percussion


Studio Albums[edit]

  • Mirror Mirror (2010)
  • Nude (2012)


  • My Witness (2005)
  • Knife Song (2005)
  • From The Circus to the Sea EP & DVD (2009)
  • Nude : Landscapes (2013)
  • Nude : Viscera (2014)
  • Nude : Forbidden (2014)


  • "In This Shirt" (2011)

Music Videos[edit]

  • "I'll Maybe Let You" (directed by J. J. Stevens)
  • "Arrow" (directed by Jamie McDermott)
  • "New World" (directed by Jamie McDermott)
  • "Two Men In Love" (directed Jamie McDermott)
  • "Forbidden" (directed by Jamie McDermott)
  • "Edge of Now" (directed by Jamie McDermott)

In Popular Media[edit]

  • "In This Shirt" was used in the BT Infinity advert in late 2011.
  • "In This Shirt" was used in a Russian advert for the Peugeot 308.
  • "In This Shirt" was featured on the soundtrack for Spanish film Tengo ganas de ti.
  • "In This Shirt" was used in the BBC Film "A Long Way Down"
  • "In This Shirt" was used in the trailer for Brooklyn (film).


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