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For the mosque in Illinois, see Islamic Foundation.

The Islamic Foundation, which was established in 1973 and based on Ratby Lane in Markfield, Leicestershire, is an institution specialising in the fields of research, education and publication. Since its inception the Islamic Foundation has striven towards building bridges between the Muslim community and the rest of society by creating a better understanding between communities through greater awareness about each other.[citation needed]

In the year 2000 the Islamic Foundation established the Markfield Institute of Higher Education with the objective of providing high quality education in areas relating to Islam by bringing together the excellence of the British higher educational system and the richness of traditional Islamic education.[citation needed] It also aims to help in the development of the local community by providing training, vocational education and pioneering new courses. The Institute has been recognised[by whom?] for its interfaith endeavours.[citation needed]

The cornerstone for both these activities has been the research the Islamic Foundation has undertaken in areas such as Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance, Muslim-Christian Relations, Inter-Faith Dialogue, Islam in Europe and Britain and Policy research.[citation needed]

It has once been visited by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

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