The Islamic Globe

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The Islamic Globe
Type Online tabloid newspaper
Format Online
Owner(s) Eaglemont Media
Editor John Foster
Founded February 2011
Political alignment Islamic Finance
Circulation Unknown

The Islamic Globe is an English-language international weekly e-newspaper published by Eaglemont Media, each issue is distributed digitally and globally. The Islamic Globe primarily covers Islamic finance news and issues and was launched in February 2011. Its purpose is to provide information and opinions as to what was happening in the Islamic finance world.


CEO and founder Paul McNamara said, The Islamic Globe always has a point of view, and usually a strong opinion, which it endeavors to convey. We believe it is possible to cover Islamic finance sanely and intelligently without kowtowing to egos and without being pompous or pretentious.[1]


The competition for The Islamic Globe comes from niche news portals provided by both Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg News.


Eaglemont Media, publisher of The Islamic Globe, was founded in 2010 by media professionals Paul McNamara, Kunal Wadhwani, David Parker, John Foster and Shaun Hoon.

The genesis of the company lies in a vision of Paul McNamara's to build a modern e-publishing business with a focus on the financial services sphere covering niches neglected by other data providers or areas that are badly serviced by existing offerings.

Product Design[edit]

The newspaper is designed to resemble a 1950s-style broadsheet newspaper, complete with yellowing paper and curling edges to remind readers of a time when the quality of the journalism was the most important thing about a newspaper. The Islamic Globe was designed by Brunei multimedia creative agency MixmediaGroup and the designs were further refined by graphic artist Bree Freeman in Wales, UK.

The Islamic Globe is available in PDF format – as well as a number of digital formats including for iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and Samsung tablet.[2]


The newspaper is produced in multiple sections. Regularly scheduled sections are:

  • Section one – breaking news and analysis
  • Section two – Retail and Investment Banking
  • Section three – editorials
  • Section four – statistics and analysis
  • Section five – Takaful


The managing editor of The Islamic Globe is John Foster who exercises overall editorial control over the product. Contributions for the weekly are sourced through a wide network of correspondents ensuring that editorial coverage is truly global and captures the frantic pace of growth that the Islamic finance industry is experiencing.


The publisher of The Islamic Globe is Kunal Wadhwani who exercises overall commercial control over the product


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