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Al-Taqwa College
Al-Taqwa College.jpg
Truganina, Victoria
Coordinates 37°51′14″S 144°43′19″E / 37.85389°S 144.72194°E / -37.85389; 144.72194Coordinates: 37°51′14″S 144°43′19″E / 37.85389°S 144.72194°E / -37.85389; 144.72194
Type Independent, Co-educational
Motto Seek Knowledge
Denomination Sunni Islam
Principal Mr.Omar Hallak
Number of students 2000[1]
Colour(s) Blue, Red, White
Slogan Quality Education For Quality Life

The Islamic Schools of Victoria, or otherwise known as Al-Taqwa College, is a primary and secondary school located on Sayers Road, in Truganina, Victoria, outside Melbourne, Australia. The college is also known as Werribee College.[2]

The College was built on a 50-acre property on the western side of Melbourne. The College was established by the Islamic Trust fund in 1986. The name was changed to Al-Taqwa College in 2010. Next to the main campus on Sayers Road, a mosque (masjid) was built.[3] Al-Taqwa College is a member of Independent Schools Victoria which is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to Independent education.[4]

When the school was first established, classes ranged from Prep. to Year 10. As the school grew it expanded and added on VCE (Years 11 and 12). The school has another campus called the Olive Branch, which runs occasional classes in Agriculture and Horticulture. The school has a branch in Indonesia, named the Al-Taqwa College, International Islamic School of Indonesia.

In 2015, the number of students at Al-Taqwa College is close to 2,000 with numbers expected to reach 2,500 students in 2018. Subjects taught at the college include English, Maths, Languages other than English (L.O.T.E.), Information Technology, Business, Art and Physical Education.

Students at Al-Taqwa College come from various backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures. The school's foundation is strongly based upon ethos of equality, equity and cohesive unity. Families of students have migrated from the following countries:

In 2005 there were a number of issues of concern raised involving the school.[5]

Subsequently, a former teacher said that the college principal had anti-Semitic views. Another said that non-Muslim teachers were treated as "second-class citizens". In 2015, the school principal told students that Islamic State was a Western plot.[6] The spokesman for the Islamic Council of Victoria said they did not support the comments regarding the terror group.[7] The principal's comments were called, "reckless and dangerous if true" by James Merlino, Victoria's Education Minister.[8]

The school's principal denied claims[9] regarding possible injury for girls, if they run.[10]

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