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The Island Hymn is the patriotic song of the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. The hymn's lyrics were written in 1908 by Lucy Maud Montgomery. It was performed for the first time in public on May 22 of that year. It was sung to Lawrence W.Watson's music, which had been composed especially for her lyric. The manuscript music, dated 27 Oct 1908, and correspondence relating to it are displayed at Green Gables House, Cavendish, PEI. An edition for mixed-voice choir was printed by Leslie Music Supply for the Prince Edward Island 1973 Centennial Committee. The Island Hymn was adopted as the provincial anthem of Prince Edward Island by the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island on May 7, 2010. The Provincial Anthem Act includes a French version of the Island Hymn called L’hymne de l’Île. This French version was adapted by Raymond J. Arsenault of Abram-Village.[1]

Fair Island of the sea,

We raise our song to thee,

The bright and blest;

Loyally now we stand

As brothers, hand in hand,

And sing God save the land

We love the best.

Upon our princely Isle

May kindest fortune smile

In coming years;

Peace and prosperity

In all her borders be,

From every evil free,

And weakling fears.

Prince Edward Isle, to thee

Our hearts shall faithful be

Where'er we dwell;

Forever may we stand

As brothers, hand in hand,

And sing God save the land

We love so well.

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