The Island of the Fay

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The Island of the Fay
The Island of the Fay.jpg
Studio album by
ProducerEdgar Froese
Tangerine Dream chronology
Under Cover - Chapter One
The Island of the Fay

The Island of the Fay is the 123rd album by the electronic group Tangerine Dream. It was first revealed in late February 2011, and was released on March 18. A preview of "Fay bewitching the Moon" was released to the members who were part of the TDOC. This track features Hoshiko Yamane as a session musician. This album marks the beginning of the band's new "Sonic Poems" series.[1]

Track listing[edit]

1."Marmontel Riding on a Clef" 
2."Breath Kissing Matter’s Mouth" 
3."Beauty of Magic Antagonism" 
4."Fay Bewitching the Moon" 
5."Cycle of Eternity" 
6."Death in the Shadow" 
7."Moment of Floating Into the Light" 
8."Darkness Veiling the Night" 



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