The Island of the Mapmaker's Wife

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The Island of the Mapmaker's Wife
Directed by Michie Gleason
Produced by Berry van Zwieten
Written by Michie Gleason
Starring Liam Cunningham
Roland Gift
Natasha Little
Dominique Sanda
Music by Debbie Wiseman
Cinematography Theo Bierkens
Release date
  • 2001 (2001)
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The Island of the Mapmaker's Wife is a 2001 British-Dutch film directed by Michie Gleason, with a screenplay by Michie Gleason based on a short story by Marilyn Sides which appeared in the 1990 O. Henry Prize Stories collection.


Descotes, a young map expert, discovers the marvelous erotic secret of an elaborate ancient map that she lusts to own.

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