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This article is about the 2005 book. For the slang phrase, see It girl.
The It Girl
Author Anonymous ghostwriter for Cecily von Ziegesar
Country United States
Language English
Series The It Girl
Genre Young adult novel
Publisher Little, Brown
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback) & AudioBook (MP3 CD)
Pages 272 pp
ISBN 978-0-316-01185-3
OCLC 60705439
LC Class PZ7.V94 It 2005
Followed by Notorious

The It Girl is the first book in The It Girl series. It was written in 2005 by a ghostwriter with suggestions from Cecily von Ziegesar. [1] Aimed toward young adults, it is a spin-off from the bestselling Gossip Girl series. Jenny Humphrey has been kicked out from Constance Billard in the eighth book of the Gossip series. Her life resumes in this new series as she enrolls at Waverly Academy, an elite boarding school in Upstate New York filled with glamorous rich kids. She aims to turn her life around by becoming the "new Jenny."[1]


Popular Gossip Girl character Jenny Humphrey is leaving Constance Billard to attend Waverly Academy, an elite boarding school in New York horse country where glamorous rich kids don't let the rules get in the way of an excellent time. Jenny is determined to leave her crazy Manhattan past behind and become a sophisticated goddess on campus. But first she will have to contend with her self-absorbed roommates, Callie Vernon and Brett Messerschmidt. Hot guys, new intrigue, and more delicious gossip all add up to more trouble than ever for Jenny. But if getting caught up with boys and facing the Disciplinary Committee is what it takes, Jenny is ready. She'll do all that and more to be The It Girl.[2]


After being kicked out of Constance Billard, Jenny enrolls at the posh Waverly Academy located in Upstate New York. Jenny hopes to leave her old, unsophisticated, embarrassing past behind and reinvent herself as “New Jenny.” Initially, "New Jenny"'s debut seemed to get off on a rocky start as Waverly mistakenly had Jenny down as a boy, due to a computer error. While the administrators try to sort out Jenny's roommate situation, Jenny retrieves her luggage to the boys' dorm where it was sent. There she meets the handsome Brandon Buchanan and the charmingly sloppy Heath Ferro. Jenny is more taken with Heath than Brandon due to Brandon's metrosexual tendencies, unaware of Heath's reputation as a man-slut. Quickly, a room has been found for Jenny in Dumbarton hall. To her pleasure, her new roommates are Callie Vernon and Brett Messerschmidt, two of the most popular girls on campus. Jenny occupies the third bed in the triple that used to belong to Tinsley Carmichael, who was expelled the previous year for getting caught with E on school campus. Callie and Brett were also with Tinsley when she was caught with the E, but strangely enough, only Tinsley was punished. Callie and Brett are suspicious of each other, each believing the other one snitched on Tinsley and is therefore untrustworthy.

Callie is dating Easy Walsh, her adorable artsy boyfriend, but their relationship has hit a rut. After spending summer vacation together in Barcelona, Callie told Easy that she loved him, and was crushed when he didn't say it back, especially since Callie had been planning to have lose her virginity to him after he declared his love for her too. She is desperate to recapture the passion the two had sophomore year but feels Easy pulling away from her. Meanwhile, Brett is secretly relieved that Tinsley has been expelled as Tinsley knows Brett's most embarrassing secret: the Messerchimdts are not New England old money, but in fact, hopelessly tacky New Jersey nouveau riche. Still, Brett is wary of Callie and does not trust her to talk about her crush on the new student advisor, Eric Dalton who seems equally interested in Brett. Even though Brett already has a boyfriend, Jeremiah Mortimer, she is eager to dump him for the more worldly Eric Dalton. Dalton invites her to his parents' home and she quickly spills her embarrassing life story but to her delight, Dalton finds her life story endearing. Seeing this relationship could take a turn for the romantic, Brett breaks up with Jeremiah via voice mail.

Later that night, the first party of the year is held in one of the dorms and Jenny is blissfully unaware of the gossip already swirling about her: Jenny is a stripper from New York City who takes her clothes for less than a dollar at a notorious club known as Rooster. Unaware, Jenny accepts Heath's invitation to go into the school chapel alone. Jenny allows Heath to kiss her for a while but is dismayed when he passes out in her lap. Afterwards, Jenny simply walks him to his dorm and leaves him but the next day, Heath brags about how hot and heavy he and Jenny got in the chapel. Embarrassed, Jenny leaves dinner early to go back to her room.

Eager to fix her problem with Easy, Callie becomes convinced sex will make Easy love her and invites him to her room, unaware of Jenny trying to sleep. Jenny realizes the couple are about to have sex and is unsure about what to do when Easy accidentally knocks over some objects, hitting Jenny accidentally. Jenny is discovered and Easy is annoyed with Callie for being inconsiderate to her roommate. Frustrated, Callie leaves the room to go to the bathroom and while she is gone, Easy and Jenny talk. Easy is surprised at his attraction to Jenny but their conversation is interrupted by the dorm supervisor's husband, Mr. Pardee. Easy makes his escape as Callie returns. Realizing she would get punished and possibly expelled for having Easy in her room, Callie lies and convinces Mr. Pardee that Easy was in fact, visiting Jenny and not her. Although skeptical, Mr. Pardee accepts the explanation and leaves. Callie then begs Jenny to go along with the ruse but Jenny is still unsure, despite her attraction to Easy.

Easy and Jenny are each called in separately to meet with their student advisor, Eric Dalton. Jenny chooses not to make any comment about the incident, not wanting to get in trouble but not wanting to get Callie in trouble either. Mr. Dalton decides the matter will be resolved in a disciplinary hearing. After Jenny, Easy is brought in and it is revealed though Easy hates Waverly with all its rules and regulations, his father promised that if Easy graduated from Waverly, he would receive an apartment in Paris and be allowed to fulfill his dream of being an artist.

After his meeting with Dalton, Callie insists on meeting. She quickly briefs him on her scheme and is pleased when Easy agrees, unaware of his feelings for Jenny. Jenny and Easy flirt with each other in their art class. The whole campus quickly finds out and are surprised when Callie is not angry at Jenny for "stealing" Easy. Unaware of Callie's plan, co-captain of the field hockey team, Celine Colista pressures Callie to select Jenny to be the target of the year's hazing ritual at the field hockey match against St. Lucius. Callie fears that Jenny will be embarrassed and then lash out by refusing to go along with the plan and tries to stop Celine but Jenny quickly agrees, eager to fit in with the new field hockey team she has just joined. Jenny also manages to reach out to Brett who admits to feelings for Dalton. Brett slowly comes to view Jenny as a friend and is tempted to warn her about the hazing ritual, facing an extreme backlash if she does so, but it is too late. Jenny performs the embarrassing cheer on her own, expecting the rest of the team to join and is initially mortified when she realizes the prank, but quickly turns the cheer around, even getting back at Heath Ferro. The rest of the team participates in the cheer, making Jenny one of the most popular girls in the school. The popular groups meet up at Heath Ferro's party and Easy feels distance growing between him and Callie. He leaves her with Heath Ferro and others who are playing drinking games to be alone. He joins Jenny and the two admit their feelings for each other. After the match, Brett meets up with Dalton who rebuffs her advances, much to her dismay.

The next day, the girls are forced to play a scrimmage, despite being hungover and tired from the party. Tensions between Callie and Brett rise and the two almost get into a full on fight over who sold Tinsley out. Quickly, the two realize Tinsley took all the blame and make up. Practice quickly ends and Brett receives a message from Eric who decides to pursue an affair with her. On her way back to Waverly, Brett bumps into Jeremiah who confronts her about their break up. Brett brushes Jeremiah off, elated with her new relationship.

However, Callie's relationship with Easy is quickly deteriorating. Suspecting Easy's affections waning, Callie attempts to seduce him in the rare book room in the library but becomes frustrated when Easy does not reciprocate. Likewise, Easy becomes frustrated when Callie tries to grill him on his future comments at the disciplinary hearing. The two fight and Easy breaks up with Callie.

The next day, at the disciplinary hearing, Easy is found guilty but is let off easy as he is a legacy child. Jenny is pleased with the outcome and celebrates with her roommates, the three of them quickly becoming fast friends. As the three celebrate, Dean Marymount interrupts, announcing Tinsley Carmichael's return.


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