The Ivory Ape

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Genre Action
Written by Arthur Rankin Jr.
William Overgard
Directed by Tsugunobu Kotani
Starring Jack Palance
Steven Keats
Cindy Pickett
Theme music composer Bernard Hoffer
Maury Laws
Country of origin USA/Japan
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Arthur Rankin Jr.
Jules Bass
Editor(s) Wendy Wank
Cinematography Yuzo Inagaki
Running time 104 minutes
Production company(s) Tsuburaya Productions
Rankin/Bass Productions
Distributor American Broadcasting Company
Original channel ABC
Original release April 18, 1980

The Ivory Ape is a television action film produced by Rankin/Bass released in 1980. It was entirely filmed in Bermuda.

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