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The J.O.B. (The Jim O'Ferrell Band) is a rock band from Richmond, Virginia USA. The band was formed in 2008 by Jim O'Ferrell after his return from multiple combat deployments as an Infantryman for the US Army in Iraq. A lifelong singer-songwriter, O'Ferrell assembled the band to perform and record songs he had written while serving in the Iraq warzone. The band's core is Jim O'Ferrell as the primary composer, acoustic guitarist, and vocalist. Jason Crawford is O'Ferrell's collaborative partner. Crawford composes and performs all of the band's electric guitar leads. O'Ferrell and Crawford have worked with several rhythm players with a few appearing in the credits of the band's nationally released CDs.

The J.O.B. released their first full-length album Back To The World in January 2009. The album is a ten song, full-length album of Americana rock-styled works told from a soldier's perspective. With an effective 'do it yourself' promotional campaign, the CD received airplay on independent radio stations worldwide. One single from the album, El Dorado, climbed to #22 on the Up & Coming Top 40 Chart in the United States. The album found a large following within the military community. Another single from this album, All That Matters, was included on the commemorative compilation CD titled Music For Troops that was sent directly to thousands of US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan for Veterans Day, 2009.

In January 2010 The J.O.B. released their second full-length work, a concept album titled 231 (two thirty one). This also is composed of ten songs, each giving a different perspective of the legendary tunnel collapse that occurred in 1925 which buried Locomotive 231 and all its crew in Richmond, Virginia. The album was recognized in several international markets. It placed at #30 on the Top 30 AAA Album Chart in Ontario, Canada in 2010. A single, titled 1925, placed at #12 on the Top 40 Up & Coming Chart in the United States. The album also appeared several times throughout 2010 on The Americana Music Association's radio play chart.

The band had a brief liaison with JMD Records/INGrooves/Universal Music Group in January 2011 and release a self-titled 12-track album of their previously recorded studio tracks. It was digitally distributed internationally through JMD Records with modest success. When the distribution agreement expired, O'Ferrell started his own record label, Free Fall Records LLC, and began coordinating all recording and distribution for The J.O.B.'s growing portfolio of music. The band increased their tempo of writing, performing, and recording enabling them to release a new CD titled Letters on January 10, 2012. Under the Free Fall Records label, the band aggressively set up online distribution and coordinated promotional campaigns. A single from the CD titled Messenger quickly appeared on the FMQB Top 200. Messenger promptly found an audience in adult contemporary (AC) radio and rose to #28 on the AC Top 40 in the United States on April 5, 2012. The resulting visibility from the song's success led to numerous live radio and television appearances.

The J.O.B. continues to create original modern rock music from their band house in the historic Church Hill neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia. The current band members are Justin Poroszok on bass and harmony vocals, Eric Bandy on drums, Jason Crawford on lead guitar, and Jim O'Ferrell on rhythm guitar and main vocals.


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