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The Jace Hall Show
Jace Hall Show Logo.jpg
Genre Video Game Show
Created by Jace Hall
Directed by Todd Roy
Starring Jace Hall
Todd Roy
Gary Graham
Corey Craig (Seasons 1-2)
Marti Resteghini
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 94
Executive producer(s) Jace Hall
Running time 8 to 11 minutes
Original network Crackle
Original release June 5, 2008 – October 3, 2012
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The Jace Hall Show is a video game show hosted by Jace Hall consisting of interviews with Hollywood celebrities and those involved in the video game industry. The Jace Hall Show is a production of HDFILMS, INC. and is distributed by IGN Entertainment. The complete series is available on and syndicated on Crackle, IGN, Hulu, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live. Co-starring on the show are Gary Graham, Todd Roy, Corey Craig, Marti Resteghini.[1]


Jace Hall came up with the idea for a show while observing the connection between young Hollywood and the video game industry after creating both his own game company, Monolith Productions and being the senior vice president of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.[2] He wanted to produce an Internet show about the culture of video games, particularly the relationship between Hollywood and games.[1] The Fifth Season concluded on October 3, 2012 and there is yet to be an official announcement on the status of Season 6.


Season 1[edit]

Title Original Airdate #
"Duke Nukem Forever: Sneak Peek!" May 30, 2008 1
Hall interviews George Broussard, Scott Miller, and Greg Grunberg.
"Christina Milian and the T-Rex!" June 12, 2008 2
Hall interviews Christina Milian, hangs out with Jolene Blalock, and visits the T-Rex shops.
"Zach Levi! Cliffy B! And Cung Le!" June 19, 2008 3
Hall interviews Zach Levi, Cliff Bleszinski, while Cung Le spends time at the show's office.
"Chocolate Rain on Hell's Highway!" June 26, 2008 4
Hall interviews Tay Zonday at the Geisha House restaurant, along with Randy Pitchford.
"That 70s Gamecock..." July 2, 2008 5
Hall interviews Wilmer Valderrama, Mike Wilson, and goes through the show's comments.
"Curt Schilling and Wimbledon!!!" July 9, 2008 6
Hall interviews Curt Schilling and travels to New York to play in Wiimbledon.
"Is Video Game "Journalism" Legit?" July 16, 2008 7
Hall visits the GamePro Magazine offices, and interviews Geoff Keighley and N'Gai Croal.
"Video Game Violence & Hot Chicks!" July 22, 2008 8
Hall interviews Jack Thompson and does a workout with Vida Guerra.
"80's Icon Corey Feldman & More..." July 29, 2008 9
Hall interviews Corey Feldman about his album and Paul Steed about the controversy of his Quake models.
"Lost" TV Show Star Dan Roebuck..." August 6, 2008 10
Hall interviews Dan Roebuck and visits his monster museum, then pops into Collision Studios.
"DC Online & Creepshow: RAW" August 13, 2008 11
Hall gets a visit from Wendi McLendon-Covey, interviews John Smedley, and gets a sneak peek at Creepshow: RAW.
"SPT Prez Steve Mosko & Fear 2!!" August 21, 2008 12
Corey the Intern takes a polygraph test while Hall interviews Sony Pictures Television president Steve Mosko, and visits Monolith Productions.
"Season Finale" August 28, 2008 13
Hall travels to Texas to visit Gearbox Software and interviews Randy Pitchford, then drops by id Software.

Holiday Specials[edit]

Title Original Airdate #
"Felicia Day and the Prince of Persia launch party" December 1, 2008 1
Hall interviews Felicia Day and drives to San Francisco to go to the Prince of Persia.
"Insomniac Games & Lou Ferrigno Thanksgiving!!" December 2, 2008 2
Hall interviews Lou Ferrigno, the original Hulk, and Ted Price, CEO of Insomniac Games.
"Blizzard's World of Warcraft feat. Ice-T & Coco" December 15, 2008 3
Hall interviews Coco, and visits Blizzard Entertainment to see the new World of Warcraft race.
"Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy) & Faustino (Bud Bundy)" December 22, 2008 4
Hall interviews Seth MacFarlane, David Faustino, and explains the whole Atari ET game issue.

Season 2[edit]

Title Original Airdate #
"Tom Green & EverQuest Anniversary" March 19, 2009 1
Hall interviews Tom Green, plays some Ms. Pac-Man and goes to EverQuest's anniversary party.
"MMA vs. Street Fighter 4" March 26, 2009 2
Hall visits the Street Fighter IV launch party and drops by the offices of Arcade in a Box.
"Akon is Wanted" April 2, 2009 3
Hall stops by Akon's music video shoot and then talks to the producers of Wanted: Weapons of Fate.
"Keke Palmer & Free Realms" April 9, 2009 4
Hall interviews Keke Palmer and plays some paintball with her, and then checks out Free Realms.
"James Gunn & Brutal Legend" April 16, 2009 5
Ian Somerhalder drops by, then Hall interviews James Gunn and Tim Schafer.
"House of th Dead" April 23, 2009 6
Hall plays House of the Dead with Keke Palmer who decides to take it to the paintball range when her and Corey can't settle their differences in the video game world.
"PG Porn" April 30, 2009 7
Ian Somerhalder gets asked by the show team to do a segment, without clothes. We also visit the set of PG Porn, the online series from James Gunn starring Mikaela Hoover. Then we head to San Francisco to talk with Tim Schafer about Brutal Legend
"Sanctuary & Terminator Salvation" May 7, 2009 8
Kelly Hu plays mini-golf with Jace at HD Films. Tim Schafer makes another appearance.
"B Real & Ngmoco" May 14, 2009 9
Leela Savasta is wooed by Corey at the office while Jace looks on, and we take a tour of the huge Electronic Arts facilities with Glen Schofield of EA Redwood Shores.
"Katee Sackoff & Dante's Inferno" May 21, 2009 10
Jace takes Battlestar Galactica bad girl, Katee Sackhoff on a date to the Smoke House for some cocktails, and sits down with the developers behind Dante’s Inferno, the new game from EA.
"Collector's Item" May 28, 2009 11
Joe Flanigan from Stargate Atlantis drops by and tries on a rare collectors item of Jace’s. We also take a sneak peek at Dante’s Inferno from EA and visit the set of “Sanctuary” the online series turned TV show.
"Meet the Terminator" June 4, 2009 12
Roland Kickinger joins Jace at Zach Levi's house to play Terminator Salvation and Jace is back in Canada to tour the set of “Sanctuary” with stars, Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne.
"High on Stargate" June 11, 2009 13
Corey gets high…on chocolate at the office. And Jace takes a tour of the Stargate: Universe sets with the shows Executive Producer, Brad Wright in Vancouver.
"Stealing The Conversation" June 18, 2009 14
Jace talks with show editor Nic Aragon about Grand Theft Auto, and then meets up with Ben Heck to see what new gadget he's working on.
"Keeping It Real at NGMOCO" June 25, 2009 15
Jace talks music and games with legendary rapper, B-Real of Cypress Hill, and then heads to San Francisco to visit NGMOCO and check out their newest iPhone games.
"Visiting Olivia Munn" July 2, 2009 16
Marti deals with Corey the Writer, while Jace takes his crew of Producer, Todd Roy and Editor Nic Aragon to visit Olivia Munn at her house to be challenged every step of the way.
"Arkham City Batman Peak" July 9, 2009 17
Jace, Shanna and Marti watch Jace’s Streamy Awards show footage and we take a look at Batman Arkham Asylum from Rocksteady Games.
"Morris Chestnut & Chadam" July 16, 2009 18
Jace meets up with Morris Chestnut of “V” in Canada when Jace realizes there’s been a mix up of hotel rooms.
"Star Trek Forever" July 23, 2009 19
Star Trek stars from various series gather for the first time in a while after being invited to dinner and Atari by Jace, who quickly learns that it was not a good idea to serve alcohol at the interview.
"(No?) Duke Nukem Forever?" July 30, 2009 20
The Jace Hall Show Tributes 3D Realms and Duke Nukem: Forever after it is announced that the games development was put on permanent hiatus.
"Chadam and Olivia Munn Show Off" August 6, 2009 21
Visionary Artist Alex Pardee shows us his new web series, built in the Unreal Engine, called Chadam, and is interviewed by Corey as Jace is running late. At the office, Shanna and Marti decide to talk to Olivia Munn about being the new host

Season 3[edit]

Title Original Airdate #
"Let The Battle Begin!" February 13, 2010 1
Carl Weathers and Dolph Lundgren decide that Jace’s office is the perfect place for a Rocky rematch. Felicia Day stumbles upon arch nemesis Jace at the local Cyber Café and we get exclusive to a design meeting for Diablo III at Blizzard.
"It's Just Protein..." February 13, 2010 2
The search for a new assistant for the office has begun, while Carl Weathers and Dolph Lundgren settle the score.
"Stan Lee Needs Help" February 13, 2010 3
The fight over the Baby Jesus Doll has escalated to an all out light saber duel between Jace and Felicia Day. Stan Lee has asked to have Jace go to his office and help out on major projects, and Blizzard SVP Chris Metzen crashes the Diablo III meeting.
"It's All About the V" February 20, 2010 4
The original “V” TV Queen, Jane Badler decides to show Jace, the Executive Producer of the New “V” TV Show, that she is “hungry” to be on the new season. Stan Lee and Felicia day both have “issues” with Jace for different reasons.
"It's All About the Wii" February 20, 2010 5
V’s Laura Vandervoort shows us who is leaving the mean comments on co-star Logan Huffman’s page and goes with Jace to play Wii Tennis with Seth MacFarlane.
"Popping Bottles With The Starcraft Crew" February 20, 2010 6
Laura Vandervoort shows us some more of her “work” in making fun of V co-star Logan Huffman. Jace has trouble of his own when MMA Heavyweight Bob Sapp pops in and drinks are flowing at the Starcraft II design meeting.
"Laying Down The Law" February 27, 2010 7
Logan Huffman wants to know who is posting comments about him online and asks Jace for help. Meanwhile Joe Flanigan is caught again flirting in the V costume. Jace heads to the set of Law and Order: SVU to catch up with Ice-T and Coco.
"Shoeless Joe Flanigan" February 27, 2010 8
Logan Huffman starts getting “emo” in the office and Marina Orlova refuses to be “Hot For Numbers”. Ice – T and Coco tell us what types of games they play together and the ever elusive Joe Flanigan is spotted, shoeless, in the HD Films parking garage.
"Picking Up The Bling" February 27, 2010 9
Jace visits J!NX, the clothing manufacture for the Jace Hall Show to pick up his royalty check. Ice – T calls Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford and catches Jace in another lie, while Coco shows off her newest bikini calendar and bling.
"Take a Look Under the Engine" March 5, 2010 10
The search for the new assistant comes to an end. At J!NX, Sean lets Jace know the true sales figures of the Jace Hall Show shirts. We stop by the College Humor offices and Digital Extremes lets us in on the secrets of making a game engine.
"If You Can't Handle the Noise..." March 5, 2010 11
Randy Jackson has moved his show into the same building as the HD Films offices and Jace can’t take the noise. Meanwhile, Jace has managed to upset both J!NX executives and the Bleep Bloop guys in one single trip.
"Randy Jackson Fits The Bill" March 5, 2010 12
Randy Jackson isn't pleased to see the cameras at work. Peter Alau decides to skip Jace and call Cliffy B to find out what new coffee features the Unreal Engine is going to add. And at J!NX, we find out how much Jace owes the team in San Diego.
"Hot For Words" March 12, 2010 13
Hot For Words' Marina Orlava gives Jace one last chance to get rid of the smoking jacket. Randy Jackson gets Jace to agree to fix the noise issue at the HD Films office and then he heads to WB Games, his old employer, to ask a favor of his "friends".
"All She Wrote" March 19, 2010 14
In the Season 3 Finale, WB Games gives Jace the exclusive that he wants. Cliffy B gets a call from Peter Alau to confirm the "Make Better Button" that's powering Gears of War 3. Ashley lets Jace know that Randy Jackson has solved Jace’s noise problems.

Season 4[edit]

Title Original Airdate #
"Duke Nukem: Forever and F.E.A.R 3" October 29, 2010 1
Hail to the King! Duke Nukem Lives! Exclusive first in-game footage from the highly anticipated sequels Duke Nukem Forever and F.E.A.R. 3, only on the Season 4 Premiere of The Jace Hall Show. Also a visit with old friend, Stan Lee.
"Fallout: New Vegas and Audrina Patridge" November 5, 2010 2
Jace heads to Las Vegas to talk with Bethesda Softworks’ Jason Bergman & learns not only why he was passed up for a spot on the Fallout New Vegas cast, but that Felicia Day was not passed up. Also Audrina Patridge & Duke Nukem: Forever spy footage..
"The Fallout and Rage of Audrina Patridge" November 12, 2010 3
Exclusive iPhone RAGE gameplay, Audrina Patrdige dance lessons and MMA Legend, Cung Le.
"Scrub It with Donald Faison and Cung Le" November 19, 2010 4
Scrubs star Donald Faison drops by the office. Also Cung Le shows us some of his real life moves at his Dojo in San Jose. Then we head to Capcom USA to check out some of the customizable tools of death in DeadRising 2.
"Ninjas Must Die!" November 26, 2010 5
MMA Legend, Cung Le proved he can send a grown man flying with a spinning heel kick, and now proves he can ride a horse and sense ninjas? And we take a glimpse at SOE’s Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures!
"POW! BIFF! KABOOM!" December 6, 2010 6
Jace gets pwned by the king of cars himself, George Barris (auto customizer) and the real Batmobile. Also a trip to our favorite video game website, IGN and a visit with Ted Price at Insomniac Games to talk video game laws. Jack Thompson (activist) anyone?
"The Heavy Hand" December 13, 2010 7
Ted Price educates us on the newest Supreme Court attack on video games, while teaches us about how games really get their Review scores on their website. Plus Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, and an interview of Jace for a change by
"Marvel Vs. Capcom, Logan Vs. Jace" December 17, 2010 8
Logan Huffman from “V” tracks down Jace at the Lost Planet 2 launch party. We also visit the creators of Tomb Raider’s, Lara Croft, Crystal Dynamics to talk about her “physical” evolution. Plus exclusive Marvel vs Capcom 3 gameplay, Olivia Munn and more.
"Visiting the Visitors" January 7, 2011 9
Jace gets a special “Visitor” in Jane Badler, as well as making a trip to talk with the stars of the new “V” series about the happy family that works on the show. Also we crash Jessica Chobot’s show on and a call from the President, Barack Obama.
"The Lies and The Truth" January 14, 2011 10
Jace talks with Star Wars The Old Republic devs, Bioware to separate the truth from the lies. Also more with the stars of “V”, Lara Croft and behind the scenes from NGAME.TV
"Stargate Wars" January 21, 2011 11
Jace is back in Vancouver to get more Stargate insider info from old friend, Executive Producer Brad Wright, then we check out more of Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic.
"Not Too Badler" January 28, 2011 12
Cliffy B. takes on the KABOOM! challenge, Stargate Executive Producer Brad Wright is having bad flashbacks with Jace on the “Bridge” set. Also and Ted Price.
"The Impulsive Froglok" February 4, 2011 13
At SOE’s annual Fan Faire, we meet the worlds most impulsive Froglok who’s willing to “jump” into any situation. Also Jane Badler is creating some issues at SG:U in Canada, and Jace and Todd get the shakedown at the HQ by the review team.
"Indecent Proposal" February 11, 2011 14
Jace is co-hosting SOE’s Fan Faire in Las Vegas where our impulsive Froglok is leveling up his courage for his big moment. We also check out another SOE MMORPG, DC Universe Online.
"Fuzzbuddy Friction" February 18, 2011 15
David Perry (game developer) shows us his shiny new company, Gaikai and Randy Pitchford gives Jace the golden password…”May 3rd”. Also, DC Universe Online PvP server action and a phone call with Randy’s kids? Pubes.
"RAGE and Gaikai Envy" February 25, 2011 16
Donald Faison comes clean about what happened to the $50 he owes Jace, while discussing the best biblical ally to have in a fight. Also get more info on what the hell Gaikai is with Dave Perry, & check out RAGE, the first new IP from the creators of Doom (video game).
"First Look: RAGE Exclusive" March 4, 2011 17
Exclusive RAGE direct feed gameplay! Gaikai’s Dave Perry takes Jace on in a Navy SEAL obstacle course challenge. At the request of Ted Price, Jace hunts out Sen. Leland Yee? And The Legend of Neil’s Sandeep Parikh.
"Keepin' it 'Unreal'" March 11, 2011 18
Even more epic RAGE Exclusive footage from Id Software. And Cliffy B and Kelly Hu both drop by the office to PWN Jace with technology from today and the 1950s? Also a rare ride on the Goodyear Blimp with Todd and Jace!
"Finale, Part 1: Executive Exclusives" March 21, 2011 19
In this supersized episode, Jace gets the exclusive story of Duke Nukem’s resurrection with Gearbox Software CEO, Randy Pitchford. We also go to Epic Games to talk with Cliffy B., on a cliff?
"Season 4 Finale - Epic Duke Kombat" March 31, 2011 20
In the Season 4 Finale, we get a musical tour of Epic Games HQ with Cliffy B, see exclusive Duke footage in all of its “glory”, peak at new Mortal Kombat gameplay and debut the newest verse of “I Play WOW” with help from YOU, the fans.

Season 5[edit]

Title Original Airdate #
"A Milli Vanilli Reunion, Diablo 3 and Napoleon Dynamite" July 21, 2012 1
The Season 5 debut features Jon Heder a.k.a. Napoleon Dynamite losing a video game battle to Jace, forcing Jace to debut his “Blame It On The Game” music video (starring Fab Morvan and John Davis) that made history. Plus, we sneak into Blizzard headquarters for Diablo 3 EXCLUSIVES.
"Felicia Day Returns & I Play WoW Redux" July 22, 2012 2
Geek Goddess Felicia Day stops by to settle an old score and try to steal something back from Todd and Jace – somehow her underwear drawer gets in the way. Plus, the I Play WoW video that grossed over 13 million views is back in the new I Play WoW redux ENTIRELY using
"Diablo 3 Voiceover, Felicia Day's Pissed, and the ATARI Car" July 25, 2012 3
The fight with Felicia Day continues, as Jace gets the opportunity of a lifetime to record an ACTUAL character in Diablo 3 – it didn’t go as well as everyone had planned. Plus, Jace receives an ATARI automobile that you have to see to believe (something Todd can barely put up with).
"An Exclusive Look at PlanetSide 2 and Tay Zonday" August 1, 2012 4
Jace continues to struggle in his Diablo 3 voice session, causing lead designer Jay Wilson to ask for more BLOOD. The SOE team behind PlanetSide 2 offers Director Todd Roy the chance of a lifetime. Jace’s Kaboom skills are put to the test against a team of ambitious gamers.
"Stan Lee Shreds Comics and Vernon Davis Wants the T-Rex" August 8, 2012 5
49ers Tight End Vernon Davis visits the office to buy Jace’s T-Rex, offering a huge price! Matt Higby show Jace more from PlanetSide 2, while YTCracker and MC Lars try to get Jace to show some nerdcore skills by rapping live as Jace debuts his latest music video, “My Game Ain’t Done”.
"Vernon Davis' Million Dollar Offer & PlanetSide 2 Exclusives" August 15, 2012 6
Comic book legend Stan Lee returns and promptly destroys his ACTION COMICS #1. Meanwhile, Vernon Davis offers a HUGE offer for Jace’s T-Rex, only to have everything fall through in the end. Plus, Jace continues putting up ridiculous scores, pwning little kids in Kaboom.
"PlanetSide 2 Trailer, Jace Builds An Epic Arcade" August 22, 2012 7
Jace begins building what is undoubtedly the greatest ARCADE Machine in the history of space and time, while the much balleyhooed PlanetSide 2 trailer Todd was hired to direct debuts…to much jaw dropping. Plus, the fight continues as Thousand Pound fighter Amy Johnson kicks ass.
"Boris Kodjoe, Hot Karate Woman, and The Ultimate Arcade Machine" August 29, 2012 8
The Ultimate Arcade Machine is finally revealed, with pretty much every video game ever made! Get a look at Jace’s new toy and its insane features! Plus, Todd auditions a film and TV star to take Jace’s place as host of The Jace Hall Show, without Jace even knowing it.
"Defiance Gameplay Footage and Rick Fox vs Jace Hall" September 5, 2012 9
Exclusive gameplay and all access behind the scenes look into Defiance, one of this year’s most anticipated shooters. NBA champion and celebrity actor Rick Fox makes his move to replace Jace as host, while Producer Todd makes moves on Rick’s hot sister.
"Rick Fox Takes Over SimCity! Gears of War Designer Married" September 12, 2012 10
Actor and NBA champion Rick Fox scores an exclusive look at the top secret Sims City game at EA. Jace then crashes Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski’s celebrity packed wedding – the only problem is that none of Alison Haislip, Isaiah Mustafa or Randy Pitchford will let him in.
"Exclusive SimCity Preview, Jamie Lee Curtis Shows Off" September 19, 2012 11
Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest are caught committing a MAJOR gamercode violation, while NBA star Rick Fox previews a never before seen SimCity demo. Plus, if you thought the annoying orange was annoying, wait until you see what Apple’s biggest competitor has cooked up.
"Atari vs. Intellivision AND Jace Hall vs. Eliza Dushku!" September 26, 2012 12
ATARI founder Nolan Bushnell faces off against INTELLIVISION’s Keith Robinson in the final battle of which gaming platform is better. Then actress Eliza Dushku confronts Jace, proving why he shouldn’t question a girl’s game cred, in one of the most epic rap music videos ever.
"Kevin Pereira Flips Out and Debbie Gibson Reloads Electric Youth" October 3, 2012 13
The Jace Hall Show gets an exclusive look at the hidden scandal behind why Kevin Pereira left Attack of the Show. Meanwhile, Debbie Gibson and Jace fight over Afterglow Headphones then think about making a music video together. Has Electric Youth been reloaded?

Featured Guests[edit]

Seth MacFarlane starred in the first season of the show, along with Tom Green, Felicia Day, Vida Guerra, Zach Levi, Curt Schilling and Wilmer Valderrama. The second season of the Jace Hall Show starred Katee Sackhoff, Joe Flanigan, Olivia Munn. The third season starred Carl Weathers, Dolph Lundgren, Felicia Day, Laura Vandervoort, and Logan Huffman. The fourth season starred Stan Lee, Randy Pitchford, Cung Le, and Jack Thompson. The fifth season starred Jon Heder, Tay Zonday, and Rick Fox.


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