The Jane Seymour

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The Jane Seymour
The Jane Seymour - II.jpg
Type of stoneDiamond
Weight2.08 carats (0.416 g)
ColorFancy Vivid Blue
Mine of originRussia
Cut byWorld of Diamonds Group
Original ownerWorld of Diamonds Group
OwnerWorld of Diamonds Group

The Jane Seymour is a 2.08 carat cushion-cut fancy vivid blue diamond in an 18-karat rose gold-plated platinum setting. Mined in Russia in 2014 and crafted in Geneva, it was inspired by and named in honor of British-American movie, television, and stage actress Jane Seymour.


The 2.08-carat, VS1 Fancy Vivid Blue diamond[1] is set in 18-karat rose-gold-plated platinum with a floral motif on either side of the stone.[2]


Blue diamonds are extremely rare, with those of the strongest color being some of the rarest gemstones in the world,[3] with those of the highest saturation grade (Fancy Vivid) selling for approximately $1 million per carat at auction.[4] As diamond weight is not proportional to value (meaning a two carat diamond with identical cut, clarity, and color to a one carat diamond does not cost twice as much, but much more due to the rarity of two carat diamonds compared to one carat diamonds),[5] The Jane Seymour could be valued at well over two million dollars.


The Jane Seymour, Top View

The Jane Seymour was mined in Russia in 2014 by Russian conglomerate World of Diamonds Group of Companies. Their gemologists studied the rough cut for more than a year before deciding on the shape. The jewel was cut and crafted in Geneva before being unveiled to the world in April 2016, where it was presented to Seymour in Singapore whilst she was there performing in The Vortex, a stage production. Seymour wore it during a host of unveiling celebrations.[4] The ring is inspired by and named for the actress,[4] to celebrate and commemorate her accomplishments in film.[6][7]


While The Jane Seymour was presented to and worn by Jane Seymour, it was never owned by the actress. It was part of World of Diamonds Group's private collection[4] until 2017 when it was sold to cryptocurrency expert and jeweler Ville Oehman.[8] According to World of Diamonds Group, the sale to Ville Oehman was made to allow for multiple owners of the ring through a fractional ownership model.[9]

2016 Sale[edit]

Actress Jane Seymour at the 2010 Academy Awards

In July 2016, the ring owner announced its intention to sell The Jane Seymour as part of an 8-hour luxury experience. The experience begins with a journey by air via a helicopter, land via a chauffeured Rolls-Royce and sea via a private luxury cruise. Later, at Cé La Vi, atop the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, the diners will be surrounded with 10,000 roses and will enjoy an 18-course Modern Asian degustation menu with diamond-studded name-engraved chopsticks while seated on custom-made designer furniture designed to their tastes. The Jane Seymour will be presented at midnight with a fireworks display to follow.[10][11][12][13]

2017 Sale[edit]

After The Jane Seymour was sold as part of the luxury dinner package[9], a contest was launched by the buyer Ville Oehman and his company V Diamonds.[14] Tickets would be sold for US$2 where people can buy shares of The Jane Seymour online, and the dinner would be given away as a prize to a random ticket holder.

2018 Sale[edit]

It was reported that Ville Oehman and his company V Diamonds who were supposed to purchase the dinner and The Jane Seymour package from World of Diamonds Group, cancelled the contest around the dinner, leaving thousands of people from dozens of countries in need of refunds.[15] World of Diamonds Group, which was not involved in the contest, said that the dinner and The Jane Seymour ring was once again available for sale and part of the proceeds would benefit 8,000 children in Nigeria annually.[16]


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