The Janitor's Boy

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The Janitor's Boy
First edition
AuthorAndrew Clements
Cover artistBrian Selznick
CountryUnited States
SubjectLanguage Arts
Genrechildren's literature
PublisherSimon & Schuster
Publication date

The Janitor's Boy is a children's book by Andrew Clements. Part of his school series, it was released by Simon & Schuster in 2000.

Synopsis: The Book tells the story of a school student boy who is fathered by The Janitor. He is made fun of by his friends for this, and he hates his father because of it. Lashing out, he puts a massive quantity of bubble gum up under his desk so that his father will have to clean it off. Unfortunately, he is caught, and ends up having to clean it up himself under the supervision of his father janitor. During this, he learns that it's very hard work to be a janitor, and learns of his father's Dark Past. He and his father become friends. As the book closes, a student shouts "You gonna be a janitor when you grow up too?!" and the Janitor's Boy says "Yes," and smiles up at his father's face, and says, "yes I do."