The Jelly Roll Kings

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The Jelly Roll Kings were an American electric[1] Delta blues band. The members of the band were Frank Frost (keyboard/harmonica), Big Jack Johnson (guitar) and Sam Carr (drums). Some of their most well-known songs included "The Jelly Roll King", and "Catfish Blues".[2][3]


The three had been playing together irregularly from 1962 and into the 1970s under the name The Nighthawks.[4] In 1979, they were invited by Michael Frank to record now as The Jelly Roll Kings; their debut album, Rockin' the Juke Joint Down, was the debut release of the Earwig Music Company.[5][6] In the following years they kept performing separately, but were recorded again. Fat Possum Records released the Kings 1997 follow-up, Off Yonder Wall. It was produced by Robert Palmer, and included tracks such as "That's Alright Mama" and "Baby Please Don't Go."[2]

Frank Frost died in 1999, Sam Carr followed in 2009, and Big Jack Johnson in 2011.


  • Rockin' the Juke Joint Down (1979), Earwig
  • Off Yonder Wall (1997), Fat Possum


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