The Jennifers

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The Jennifers
(L-R) Andy, Danny, Gaz and Nic
Background information
OriginOxford, England
GenresAlternative rock
Years active1991–1993
LabelsNude Records
Associated actsSupergrass
MembersGaz Coombes
Danny Goffey
Nic Goffey
Andy Davies
Past membersDan Fox

The Jennifers were a short-lived British rock group formed at Wheatley Park School and featuring vocalist Gaz Coombes, guitarist Nic Goffey, drummer Danny Goffey and bassist Andy Davies. Danny and Nic Goffey are the sons of former BBC Top Gear presenter and motoring journalist Chris Goffey.


The Jennifers began building a reputation in the Oxford indie music scene, influenced by Ride, The Charlatans, Inspiral Carpets, The Kinks, the Who, and including traits of the Shoegazing era. Live performances included the Jericho Tavern where they sold a demo tape recorded and produced by Nick Langston at Stargoat Studios near Banbury. The demo featured three songs - "Flying" which featured a 20-second countdown at the beginning, the recording of a rocket launch and then a fast guitar-based song which appeared influenced by The Stone Roses, the second song, "Inside Of Me" was similar in style but changed to a slower, almost funk jam at the end, the third song simply titled on the tape "(Slow Song)" was a guitar-based ballad. The band enjoyed enough success to release one single in 1992, "Just Got Back Today", on Nude Records, which is now a highly sought after rarity. Second single, "Tightrope" was never released due to disagreements with Nude Records (but does appear on compilation CD 'Days Spent Dreaming'[1]), the band split up soon after this in the fall of 1992. Andy Davies went off to university and Nic Goffey went on to form a directing partnership with friend Dom Hawley, later directing many videos for Supergrass. Gaz was forced to find a job to make ends meet where he befriended Mick Quinn and with Danny would soon form Supergrass.


  • "Just Got Back Today" (1993)


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