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The Jewish Post & News
Type weekly newspaper (1925-2007)
bi-weekly newspaper (from 2007)
Owner(s) Bernie Bellan
Founded 1925
Language English
Country Canada
Website [1]

The Jewish Post & News of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is Western Canada's first Anglo-Jewish newspaper, so described because its language was English rather than Yiddish though its concerns were those of the Jewish community.

Founded in 1925, it fought a heated battle with the Winnipeg-based Western Jewish News, another English-language weekly begun a few weeks after The Post in 1925, and Der Yiddishe Vorte (The Israelite Press), a Yiddish-language weekly started in 1911 that for many years was published as a daily. All three served Jewish communities from Northern Ontario to the Rocky Mountains with both news and advertising.

The Israelite Press reverted to a weekly half-English, half-Yiddish weekly in the early post-Second World War years, finally ceasing publication in 1976.

The Western Jewish News was founded in 1926 by Sam Berg and engaged in a fierce fight for advertising with the Post for the next six decades until it was purchased by The Jewish Post in 1986, resulting in the paper's current name of The Jewish Post & News.

The Jewish Post & News is owned by Bernie Bellan. He had owned it with his late brother its former editor, Matt Bellan.

In August 2007, the newspaper changed its publication schedule from weekly to bi-weekly.


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