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"The Jimmy"
Seinfeld episode
Episode no.Season 6
Episode 18
Directed byAndy Ackerman
Written byGregg Kavet & Andy Robin
Production code617
Original air dateMarch 16, 1995
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
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"The Doorman"
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"The Doodle"
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"The Jimmy" is the 105th episode of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld. This was the 19th episode for the sixth season. It originally aired on March 16, 1995.


Jerry, George and Kramer finish playing a game of basketball with Jimmy (Anthony Starke), a man who always refers to himself in the third person. Jimmy is wearing special training shoes which supposedly improve vertical leap, and George wants a pair so they can be matching twins. George says he shouldn't have exercised because, even though he took a shower, it doesn't work. Jerry and Kramer are scheduled to see Dr. Tim Whatley, the dentist ("The Mom & Pop Store").

At the New York Yankees meeting Mr. Wilhelm informs George that there have been a series of escalating thefts of shoes and batting "donuts" and that he thinks it's an "inside job." Meanwhile, George is sweating heavily as a result of exercising, causing him to look suspicious. While Jerry waits to see Tim Whatley, he realizes there are Penthouse magazines in the waiting room.

Back at the apartment, Elaine has tickets to a benefit for the Able Mentally Challenged Adults (AMCA) featuring famous crooner Mel Tormé (The Velvet Fog). Elaine also says she wants to meet a handsome blond guy from the health club, but Jerry and George claim to have no idea who she is talking about because they "can't find beauty in a man". Jerry is disgusted about the magazines he found in Whatley's dental office, although he did take a peek. Kramer on the other hand can't wait for his appointment. George says he and Jimmy will make good money by selling the special shoes. Kramer tastes some Kung Pao chicken and finds it too spicy.

At the health club Elaine tries to get the attention of the blond man but ends up talking with Jimmy, mistaking his own declarations of interest in her for that of the blonde man because of Jimmy's peculiar way of talking about himself in the third person. Elaine thus agrees to a date with Jimmy.

Kramer visits Tim Whatley's office. Later at the health club, because of the Novocaine, Kramer is drooling water all over the floor and speaking awkwardly. Kramer tells Jerry that Whatley has a new "adults-only policy" for his office. Then, because of the puddle of water, Jimmy slips while demonstrating some "rustling positions", severely injures his leg and promises revenge.

On the street, Kramer is still wearing the silly-looking training shoes and is still suffering from the effects of the Novocaine. He shares a taxicab with an executive at the AMCA, who mistakes his Novocaine-induced condition, paired with his problems entering the cab due to the shoes, for that of an AMCA and invites him to the event.

Without Jimmy, George fails to demonstrate the value of the training shoes to employees at a sneaker store, as his vertical leap is embarrassingly short. At the apartment, Kramer says he is invited to the benefit as the guest of honor; Jerry and Elaine realize the confusion because of the Novocaine and the shoes, although they admit to each that it's debatable as to whether or not Kramer is in fact "mentally challenged."

At a second appointment with Dr. Whatley, Jerry is put to sleep with nitrous oxide. Jerry notices that his regular assistant Jennifer has been replaced by Cheryl (Alison Armitage); Whatley, with a knowing grin, tells Jerry she's at Dr. Sussman's office because "we find it fun to swap now and then." George eats Kung Pao chicken for lunch and is again sweating when individually questioned by Mr. Wilhelm about the stolen goods—who has walked in while George is on the phone with Sports Wholesalers talking about lots of shoes... "beautiful athletic gear." Wilhelm accuses George of being a terrible liar, thinking the sweat is an unmistakable indication of guilt. George, in response, replies in the third person: "George likes his chicken spicy."

When Jerry wakes up he has blurred vision but sees Whatley and his nurse adjusting their clothes. At Monk's, Jerry discusses with Elaine that he fears he may have been violated while asleep. Elaine says she has a date with Jimmy; after Jerry's description of his way of talking she realizes she is going with the wrong guy. George enters, talking again in the third person saying he must answer to the team owner, George Steinbrenner for the stolen equipment.

Elaine meets Jimmy again at the health club to tell him there's been a "little misunderstanding", to which Jimmy replies "Jimmy and misunderstandings kinda clash". She learns that Hank, the man she liked, is gay, begins to find Jimmy's manner of speech interesting, and decides to keep the date, declaring that she once tried to "convert" a gay man ("The Beard") but will not try that again. At the benefit, Kramer is no longer under the effect of drugs. However, Jimmy arrives and starts fighting with him, slugging him in the face before being dragged out by security, all the while yelling "Jimmy's gonna get you, Kramer! Hands off Jimmy! DON'T TOUCH JIMMY!"; Kramer's lip becomes swollen and he once again looks and speaks as if he is mentally challenged. While facing Steinbrenner, George starts talking in the third person; this confuses Steinbrenner who ends up talking about his lunch and completely forgetting about the stolen equipment. At the benefit, Mel Tormé dedicates his signature song, "When You're Smiling", to a beaming Kramer.

In the credits scene, Kramer picks up a copy of Penthouse Magazine and reads a letter from an unnamed dentist, who apparently recently had a little fun with his dental hygienist and one of his patients. Jerry looks on in horror and is assumed to be the victim of sexual assault.

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