The Job (2003 film)

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The Job
DVD cover
Directed by Kenny Golde
Produced by Daniel and Marc Levin
Written by Kenny Golde
Starring Daryl Hannah
Brad Renfro
Dominique Swain
Eric Mabius
Alex Rocco
Shawn Woods
Alanna Hanly
Music by Benjamin Newhouse
Cinematography Scott Kevan
Edited by Brian Anton
Release date
Running time
83 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Job is a 2003 Crime drama film directed and written by Kenny Golde Starring Daryl Hannah, Dominique Swain and Brad Renfro.


A hit woman is contracted to perform one final job before she leaves her life of cold-blooded killing behind forever. She is now faced with the challenge of dealing with carrying out the contract she accepted and her own moral values.


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