The Johns Hopkins Outdoors Club

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The Johns Hopkins Outdoors Club
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TypeStudent outing club

The Johns Hopkins Outdoors Club (JHOC) is a student organization devoted to fostering a culture of adventure, environmentalism, and leadership on the Homewood Campus of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. Founded in 1972, JHOC is one of the oldest student outdoors clubs in the Mid-Atlantic region. Run entirely by undergraduate club leaders, JHOC offers no-cost day and weekend long trips in the areas of caving, backpacking, hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, and mountain biking to Hopkins students.[1]

JHOC is a member of the Intercollegiate Outing Club Association.[2]


Since its founding in 1972, JHOC’s role on campus has shifted through the years. At one point, all Pre-Orientation activities, in which incoming freshmen spend a few days bonding in the woods together, were run through the club. Pre-Orientation has since become a separate organization and is, like JHOC, run through the Johns Hopkins Experiential Education department.[3] JHOC currently runs day trips and over-night trips on the weekends as a means of assisting students get off campus and into the wilderness for no cost.

In 1997, the club opened the second rock climbing wall at Johns Hopkins, at that time a rarity at undergraduate institutions in the United States[4]

In 2002, when the club was temporarily suspended by the University in order to ensure proper risk management, it was running 40 trips a year and engaging over 400 students on campus. The club was later reinstated by the university.[5]

In 2011, after a participant became trapped in Schetromph cave in Washington County, MD, JHOC leaders assisted firefighters in their efforts to rescue the stranded caver. The participant was unharmed.[6]

In 2013, JHOC received the Homewood Award for a student run organization which has had a significant and positive impact on student life and the university.

Also in 2013, JHOC members participated in a Red Bull Chariot Race at JHU's Spring Fair, "The Johns Hopkins Outdoor Club raced with items that it found abandoned behind a dormitory. Its vehicle comprised two bicycles attached by metal frames. The group removed the seats and front wheels, then attached a wooden board to pull the device."[7]

In recent years, JHOC has become active with Baltimore Inner-City Outings.[8]

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