The Jollies

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The Jollies
The Jollies.jpg
Written by Alan Ayckbourn
Characters Polly
Mr. Magico
Date premiered 3 December 2002
Place premiered Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough
Original language English
Subject Magic
Genre Children's
Setting Billy Jollie's seventh birthday
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Ayckbourn chronology
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Sugar Daddies

The Jollies is a 2002 children's play by British playwright Alan Ayckbourn. It is about a young girl, Polly Jollie, where a magic trick gone awry at her brother's birthday party causes her brother, Billy, to age 25 years, and her mother, Jilly, to become 25 years younger. The play is viewed by some as the inspiration for his 2006 adult play If I Were You.

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