The Journal of Arthur Stirling

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The Journal of Arthur Stirling
The Journal of Arthur Stirling.jpg
First UK edition
Author Upton Sinclair
Country United States
Language English
Genre Drama/Journal
Publisher D. Appleton & Company (US)
Heinemann (UK)
Publication date
Media type Print (hardcover)
Pages 209

The Journal of Arthur Stirling is a novel by author Upton Sinclair, published in 1903. It is written in a first-person perspective, with the main fictional character being Arthur Stirling. Stirling, unknown poet and writer sets out to write his first poem, The Captive. He begins writing a journal to help him further his work as an artist—the novel being the journal. The novel begins with an introduction by a character who calls himself, "S."; Stirling already dead by suicide, sends S. a copy of the journal, as well as The Captive for him to read. S. explains the production of the novel in a sense of tribute to Stirling.

Upton Sinclair's original version is currently in the Public Domain.

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