The Journey (Battlelore video album)

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The Journey
Battlelore the journey.jpg
Video by Battlelore
Released 29 March 2004
Recorded 2004
Genre Power metal, Gothic metal
Length 90 minutes
Label Napalm
Producer Battlelore

The Journey is first live DVD by the Finnish Heavy metal band Battlelore, featuring their energetic 2004 live show at the Tavastia Club. The DVD also includes several music videos, some behind the scenes footage, interviews and a photo gallery. There is a bonus audio CD of the Live at Tavastia Club performance.

The live show at the Tavastia Club showcases the talents of Battlelore the band and the lead vocalists: Patrik Mennander singing clean and grunt vocals and Kaisa Jouhki's angelic voice. The sound quality is very good on the DVD and all members of the band feature prominently in the footage. This is a band performance DVD, not just the lead vocalists and some backing members.

Details on Battlore web site.


  • Live at Tavastia Club
  • Music Videos
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Interviews
  • Photogallery
  • Bonus Audio CD

Track listing for Live at Tavastia Club (DVD and bonus audio CD)[edit]

  • "Fangorn"
  • "Sons of Riddermark"
  • "Buccaneers Inn"
  • "The War of the Wrath"
  • "The Mark of the Bear"
  • "Raging Goblin"

Time: 26:10

Behind the Scenes[edit]

  • Behind the Scenes

Time: 21:54


  • Kaisa - Female Singer
  • Patrik - Male Singer
  • Jyri - Guitar and Founder

Time: 16:15

Music videos[edit]

  • "Journey to Undying Lands"
  • "Sons of Riddermark"
  • "The Grey Wizard"


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