The Joy Of...

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The Joy Of…
Studio album by FourPlay String Quartet
Released 2000
Recorded Unknown
Genre Rock
Length 52:12
Label Smart Pussy Records
Producer Unknown
FourPlay String Quartet chronology
Catgut Ya' Tongue?
(1998)Catgut Ya' Tongue?1998
The Joy Of…
Now to the Future
(2006)Now to the Future2006

The Joy Of… is an album by FourPlay String Quartet.
This is their second studio album, though still predominantly consisting of covers, has more original pieces than their debut album.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Length Writer
1. "Domino" 3:31 The Clouds
2. "Just Like U Said It Would B" 4:10 Sinéad O'Connor
3. "August" 4:12 original by Lara Goodridge
4. "Meshugganah (dub)" 4:06 original by Peter Hollo
5. "Meshugganah (klezmer)" 2:32 original by Peter Hollo
6. "Ich Bin Ein Auslander" 4:00 Pop Will Eat Itself
7. "Breakfast In America" 2:42 Supertramp
8. "The Boy From Ipanema" 4:22 Antonio Carlos Jobim
9. "On The Road Again" 1:50 Willie Nelson
10. "Cut Up" 3:10 Ned's Atomic Dustbin
11. "Lilli Pilli Drive" 5:04 original by Peter Hollo, Tim Hollo, Lara Goodridge and Chris Emerson
12. "Gypsy Scream" 3:36 original by Veren Grigorov
13. "Femme Fatale" 4:41 The Velvet Underground