The Joy of Tech

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Joy of Tech
Author(s) Nitrozac and Snaggy
Current status / schedule Updates Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Launch date 2000-08-14 [1]
Genre(s) technology and geek humor

Joy of Tech is a webcomic created by Nitrozac and Snaggy, whose real names are Liza Schmalcel and Bruce Evans. Both are Canadians. The comic, which is produced three times a week, concentrates on technology-oriented themes, with an emphasis on the "cult" of Apple Computer products.

As of 2006, it has produced one printed compilation, The Best of the Joy of Tech (ISBN 0-596-00578-4) which includes an introduction by David Pogue and a foreword by Steve Wozniak.

Nitrozac and Snaggy also created the webcomic After Y2k, which is not currently updated, and have had other work published in many newspapers, magazines, and online sites.


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