The Joy of Tech

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Joy of Tech
Author(s) Nitrozac and Snaggy
Current status / schedule Updates Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Launch date 2000-08-14 [1]
Genre(s) technology and geek humor

Joy of Tech is a webcomic created by Nitrozac and Snaggy, whose real names are Liza Schmalcel and Bruce Evans. Both are Canadians. The comic, which is produced three times a week, concentrates on technology-oriented themes, with an emphasis on the "cult" of Apple Computer products.

In 2003, O'Reilly Media published a printed compilation, titled The Best of the Joy of Tech, which includes an introduction by David Pogue and a foreword by Steve Wozniak.[1]

Nitrozac and Snaggy also created the webcomic After Y2k, which is not currently updated, and have had other work published in many newspapers, magazines, and online sites.


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