The Judes

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The Judes
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Background information
Origin Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Genres Indie rock
Pop Rock
Power Pop
Years active 2007 - present
Labels Blue Pie Productions, Jam Space Records
Members Jim Anderson
Michael Dickson
Cory Pritchard
Past members Romi Topper

The Judes are a Canadian Indie rock band formed in 2007 in Winnipeg. The band was formed by Cory Pritchard (bass guitar, vocals) Jim Anderson (guitars, vocals) and Romi Topper (drums, vocals). Currently the lineup consists of Cory Pritchard (bass guitar, vocals), Jim Anderson (guitars, vocals) and Michael Dickson (drums, vocals).


After their musical project In Reverse ended, Pritchard and Anderson decided that a new band and a new approach was needed.[1] Taking their love for 50's and 60's music, they formed a band that not only covered the likes of Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley, but also recorded original material.[2] The band recruited multi-instrumentalist and long time friend of Anderson, Romi Topper as a member. The band collaborated their skills and using basement recordings and rough demos went into Winnipeg's Unison Studios to begin recording in the summer of 2007. A few of these tracks would be used for their 2008 ‘Sunflower’ EP.

In early 2008, the band came to the attention of American producer David Grahame. Grahame produced three songs with the band; 'Someone Like You', 'Bide Your Time' and 'Beautiful And True'. The band credits him with being instrumental in helping them define their sound.[3]

Myspace has played a large role in the success of The Judes. Using the social networking site, the band posted demos they recorded in their basement rehearsal space. These demos garnered major support in Australia and eventually connected the group with their Australian manager, Sara Smithson. Working with Smithson, The Judes were able to establish a loyal fan base overseas, and subsequently plan and complete a tour in mid-2008.[4]


In July 2008 the band released a 6 track EP titled Sunflower. On the strength of the David Grahame produced track 'Someone Like You', the band embarked on their first overseas tour.[2]

2008 Australian Tour[edit]

In the summer of 2008, it was announced that due to prior commitments, Romi Topper had to leave the band to focus on school and family. He was replaced in August 2008 by Michael Dickson, two weeks before the band's debut Australian Tour.

From September 4 to September 16 The Judes completed a tour around the South-East coast of Australia.[2][4] They played 15 shows in two weeks, through rain and shine, before completing the tour in Canada. The Judes were accompanied on their Australian tour by Newcastle acoustic duo, Dactyl Spondee.

Also featured on the tour was a show played at Warner Bay School, the winners of the 'Revolution on Film' competition, where students created videos to songs on the 'Sunflower' EP.[5][6]

Following the Sunflower Tour the band signed a deal with Australian label Blue Pie Productions.[7]

All That Is[edit]

Following a successful tour of Australia as well as stops in the UK, Ireland, Poland and France, the band returned to the studio with producer David Grahame at the helm to both record and produce the first of two follow-ups to Sunflower. Most of the songs were written and rehearsed during the early months of 2011. In all the band recorded some twenty songs, three of which being written and recorded in only one week - at the request of Grahame - just prior to the album's final production. Pre-production began in late spring with recording finishing up in early summer. Both the mixing and artwork were completed by the fall of 2011, and the band released the single "Let's Fall In Love Again" in late November. During this time, the group did not renew its contract with its Australian label Blue Pie Productions, and decided to release the upcoming album independently. At the behest of Grahame, it was decided to hold the album back for a spring 2012 release. "All That Is The Judes" was officially released on April 14, 2012.[8]

Generation Who[edit]

On Canadian Remembrance Day, November 11, 2014, the group released their second full-length studio album 'Generation Who'. The album marked a departure from the band's previous efforts, moving instead towards darker themes and a grittier sound.

Although technically the band's second commercially released album, Generation Who was originally intended to be released before 'All That Is the Judes'. However, due to the band working with producer David Grahame at the time, the recordings for the 'Generation Who' album were abandoned and left in limbo until the band completed work on what was to become "All That Is The Judes".[9][10]


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