The Jungle (1914 film)

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The Jungle
The Jungle FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed byAugustus Thomas
George Irving
John H. Pratt
Written byBenjamin S Cutler
Margaret Mayo
Upton Sinclair (novel)
StarringGeorge Nash
Gail Kane
Distributed byAll-Star Feature Corporation
Release date
  • 1914 (1914)
Running time
5 reels[1]
CountryUnited States
English (intertitles)

The Jungle (1914) is an American drama silent film made by the All-Star Feature Corporation starring George Nash. The film is an adaptation of the 1906 book of the same name by Upton Sinclair, the only one to date. Sinclair reportedly bought the negative of the film prior to 1916, hoping to market the film nationally after its initial release in 1914. Sinclair himself reportedly appears at the beginning and end of the movie, as a sort of endorsement of the film.

The film, from historical accounts at the time of release,[citation needed] included the scene of Jurgis murdering the foreman who raped Jurgis' wife by throwing him over a walkway into a "sea of frightful horns passing beneath him" (cattle). The film was commonly screened at socialist meetings across America at the time.[citation needed]

It is now considered a lost film.[1]


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