The Jungle King

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The Jungle King
Directed by Diane Eskenazi
Produced by Diane Eskenazi
Written by Diane Eskenazi (story)
Jack Olesker
Starring Irene Cara
Music by John Arrias
Richard Hurwitz
Edited by Peter Grives
Distributed by Sony Wonder
Release date
  • June 21, 1994 (1994-06-21) (North America)
Running time
44 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Jungle King (also known as: Enchanted Tales: The Jungle King) is a 1994 American animated musical film that was made by Golden Books' film studio, Golden Films and distributed by Sony Wonder. Diane Eskenazi, who is the founder of Golden Films, was the producer, director and storywriter for the film as she did the same for other animated films made by this studio. It was originally released on VHS in 1994, but it later did see a DVD release in 2003. This animated feature was released in Golden Films' Enchanted Tales collection of films.


Taking place in the continent between Africa and Asia, The film is about an anthropomorphic lion named King Maximilian III. A grumpy, selfish and obnoxious king who rules the main part of the continent in a unpopular monarchy. He has mainly been creating all kinds of preposterous laws that have no reason to be present. His main royal servants, Chancellor Hyena (with his parrot assistant, Ricardo) and gorilla General Glump, constantly flatter and cajole towards him. Meanwhile, Max's twin brother, Irwin, who is kind and friendly, is enjoying his life illustrating his birds. Back at the Monarchy, Both Max and Chancellor are in love with a young lioness named Leonette, whose family forces her to marry the king.

Unfortunately, Chancellor has been doing convert work in other parts of the continent that are ruled by Emperor Raj, A Monarch tiger King that rules most. They plot to remove the king and attack Max's army while they are leaderless. The next day, Chancellor tricks Max into a trap where Max is then captured by hunters. On learning of the capture, General Glump seeks out Irwin and asks for his help. Irwin poses as the king and while doing so, he repeals all of Max's ludicrous laws. He wins the hearts of the animal citizens, and even the heart of Leonette.

He loves Leonette, but the next day, she finds out that Irwin is not really the king, and is outraged. As a result, she rejects him for his lies. General Glump barely manages to get enough time to save Max when he finds out that the kingdom is under attack by Emperor Raj and his army. Soon enough, Max and Irwin get together and team up to fight back.

Once Raj has been defeated, Irwin rescues Leonette who has been kidnapped by Chancellor and then Irwin defeats Chancellor who then makes his exit. Max then changes his ways and now gratefully offers to share the monarchy with his brother Irwin. But Irwin decides that he wants to get married to Leonette and get his book finished.

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