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The following is a list of episodes for the 1959 detective series, Hawaiian Eye.

Season 1: 1959-1960[edit]

33 Episodes

No. Title Initial airing Director Writer(s) Guest Star(s)
1 Malihini Holiday October 7, 1959 Howard W. Koch Robert J. Shaw Patricia Driscoll, Duncan Lamont
2 The Waikiki Widow October 14, 1959 Leslie H. Martinson Lowell Barrington Paula Raymond, Robert McQueeney
3 Second Day of Infamy October 21, 1959 Howard W. Koch Steven Ritch Yuki Shimoda, Miiko Taka, Ed Platt
4 All Expenses Paid October 28, 1959 Charles F. Haas Robert J. Shaw Karen Steele, Anthony George
5 Dangerous Eden November 4, 1959 Edward Dein Robert C. Dennis Jackie Coogan, Audrey Totter
6 Cloud Over Koala November 11, 1959 William J. Hole Jr. Louis Pelletier Joanna Moore, Maurice Manson, Don Gordon
7 Beach Boy November 18, 1959 Andre deToth Robert J. Shaw Troy Donahue
8 Three Tickets to Lani November 25, 1959 Robert Altman Day Keene
Dwight Babcock
June Blair, Alex Gerry, Robert Knapp
9 The Quick Return December 2, 1959 Edward Dein Robert C. Dennis
Stanley Niss
Adam West, Harry Jackson, Hugh Sanders
10 Secret of the Second Door December 9, 1959 Paul Stewart Ed Jurist Harry Bartell, Victor Sen Yung
11 Shipment from Kihei December 16, 1959 Paul Stewart Robert J. Shaw Gerald Mohr, Beverly Garland, H. M. Wynant
12 A Dime a Dozen December 23, 1959 André de Toth Robert J. Shaw Shirley Knight, Donald May, Joanna Barnes
13 The Koa Man December 30, 1959 Paul Stewart Elihu Winer Adam Williams, Barbara Luna, Suzanne Storrs
14 Stamped for Danger January 6, 1960 Paul Stewart Robert C. Dennis Ruta Lee, Jay Novello, Patric Knowles
15 The Kamehameha Cloak January 13, 1960 William J. Hole Jr. Dwight Babcock
Day Keene
Kathleen Crowley, Robert Colbert, Tris Coffin
16 The Kikiki Kid January 20, 1960 André de Toth Robert J. Shaw Jean Byron, John Gabriel, Myrna Hansen
17 Then There Were Three January 27, 1960 William J. Hole Jr. Ken Englund
Gibson Fox
Nancy Gates, Don Dubbins
18 Sword of the Samurai February 3, 1960 Jesse Hibbs Barbara Luna, Teru Shimada, George Takei, Barbara Stuart
19 Hong Kong Passage February 10, 1960 Charles Haas Robert J. Shaw Merry Anders, Whit Bissell, James Hong
20 Cut of Ice February 17, 1960 Charles Haas Ed Jurist
Steven Ritch
Roberta Haynes, Frank Albertson
Robert Clarke, Keone
21 Fatal Cruise February 24, 1960 André de Toth Robert J Shaw Shirley Knight, Kasey Rogers, Gary Conway
22 Danger on Credit March 2, 1960 Robert B. Sinclair Lowell Barrington Gary Vinson, John Baer, Suzanne Lloyd
23 Bequest of Arthur Goodwin March 9, 1960 Everett Sloane Gibson Fox, Sam Ross Story: Jack Dillon Fay Wray, Andrea King, Herbert Rudley, Carolyn Craig, Don Burnett, Al Hodge, Lloyd Kino, Mel Prestidge, Doug Mossman, Jane Chang, Judy Dan
24 Birthday Boy March 16, 1960 Mark Sandrich Jr. Robert J. Shaw Troy Donahue, Fay Spain, John Hubbard, Wilton Graff, Mel Prestidge, Doug Mossman
25 Second Fiddle March 23, 1960 Jesse Hibbs Ed Jurist Story: Stanley Niss John van Dreelen, Myrna Fahey, Linda Watkins, Paul Burke, Doug Mossman, Stella Lynn, Sam Rawlins, Miki Kato, Toyoko Iwahashi, Jackie Russell, Tiko Ling, Nana Sumi, Bill Bradley
26 Kim Quixote March 30, 1960 Mark Sandrich Jr. William Leslie Mala Powers, Don Gordon, Ezra Stone, Dale Ishimoto, Laya Raki, Carolyn Komant, Doug Mossman, Michael Harris
27 The Lady's Not for Traveling April 6, 1960 Jesse Hibbs Sam Ross Phillip Terry, Richard Shannon, Philip Ahn, Doug Mossman, Rand Brooks, Robert Okazaki, Rush Williams, Stella Lynn, William Leicester, Andre Phillipe, Peggy McCay
28 Murder, Anyone April 13, 1960 William J. Hole, Jr. Robert C. Dennis
W. Hermanos Story: Jerry Davis

Jim Barnett

Julie Adams, Ray Danton, Richard Garland, Herbert Rudley, Mel Prestidge, Doug Mossman, Gayla Graves, Sam Rawlins
29 Typhoon April 27, 1960 Mark Sandrich Jr. Ellis Kadison
W. Hermanos
Mary Tyler Moore, Robert Colbert, Bill Quinn
30 Shadow of the Blade May 4, 1960 Alvin Ganzer W. Hermanos Sharon Hugueny, Lisa Lu, Joan Vohs, Fred Beir, Abraham Sofaer, Gregory Gay, Robin Hughes, Alberto Morin, Felix Locher
31 Dead Ringer May 11, 1960 Mark Sandrich Jr. W. Hermanos Story: Roy Huggins Dianne Foster, Warren Stevens, Sammee Tong, Yoshi Kiuchi, Lloyd Kino, Ralph Hanalei, Doug Mossman, Andre Philippe, John Verros, Tiki Santos
32 Little Blalah May 18, 1960 Charles F. Haas W. Hermanos Story: Stanley Niss Andra Martin, Mike Road, Wendell Holmes, Robert Ivers, Paul Birch, Mel Prestidge, Paul Dubov, Doug Mossman, Nana Sumi
33 Assignment: Manila May 25, 1960 Alvin Ganzer W. Hermanos Story: Douglas Heyes Lisa Gaye, Janet Lake, Anthony Eustrel, Robert Kino, Carleton Young, Frank Gerstle, Leon Lontoc, Doug Mossman, Andre Philippe, Kem Dibbs

The Kamehameha Cloak[edit]

"The Kamehameha Cloak"
Hawaiian Eye episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 15
Directed by William J, Hole Jr,
Written by Dwight Babcock and Day Keene
Original air date January 13, 1960
Guest appearance(s)

Kathleen Crowley : May Caldwell
Robert Colbert : Jim Symington
Tris Coffin : Ames Caldwell

Episode chronology
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"Stamped for Danger"
Next →
"The Kikiki Kid"
List of Hawaiian Eye episodes

"The Kamehameha Cloak" is the January 13, 1960 (season 1, episode 15) episode of the American television detective series Hawaiian Eye, produced for ABC by Warner Bros. Television.


On the Kona Coast, plantation owner Ames Caldwell has located the hidden burial chamber of King Kamehameha I and removed from it the sacred cloak. Local kahuna Lanakila accuses Caldwell of sacrilege and begins a death chant against him. When Caldwell falls ill, his much-younger wife May makes the trip to Honolulu and hires Tom Lopaka to investigate the cause of his sickness. Lopaka and Kim travel to the Caldwell ranch on the Big Island where they meet foreman Jim Symington, who behaves in an overly-friendly manner with May. They also encounter Dr Abner Goode, a former ship's doctor of questionable ability.

As Caldwell sickens more, Lopaka unsuccessfully tries to convince Lanakila to stop his death chant. Subsequently, the telephone line is found to be cut and a cleaver is thrown at Lopaka. In the meantime, Kim pursues a romantic interest in Suke Yamato, an attractive Japanese girl, while Caldwell's uninhibited teenage daughter Pauline disrupts the investigation and Symington's suspicious familiarity with May causes Lopaka to question her in an accusing manner. In order to remove the cloak as the source of a putative curse, Lopaka returns it to the burial chamber, where he is attacked by Lanakila, but manages to overcome him. Elliot, a physician from Honolulu, manages Caldwell's recovery as it is discovered that the culprit was Doctor Goode, who was administering poison to Caldwell. Upon being exposed, Goode dies of a heart attack, while the affectionate behavior between Jim Symington and May Caldwell is revealed in the fact that they are siblings.

Guest stars[edit]

Musical interlude[edit]

All the Warner Brothers detective series of the late 1950s and early 1960s had one or more musical interludes written into the teleplay. For this episode, Connie Stevens sang "Think Something Simple" with the Shell Bar band accompanying her, while Poncie Ponce sang "My Heart Is Thine Forever" in English and Hawaiian.

Episode notes[edit]

As with many episodes, the Shell Bar musical number for this show was filmed at a different time and edited into the storyline.

Season 2: 1960-1961[edit]

38 Episodes

No. Title Initial airing Director Writer(s) Guest Stars
1 I Wed Three Wives September 14, 1960 Alvin Ganzer Hugo Walters Ray Danton, Kasey Rogers
2 Princess from Manhattan September 21, 1960 Alvin Ganzer Stanley Niss John van Dreelen, Janet Lake
3 With This Ring September 28, 1960 Alvin Ganzer Hugo Walters Paul Richards, Ruta Lee, Phyllis Coates
4 Sea Fire October 5, 1960 Mark Sandrich Jr Ralph Madiera
Von Stuart
Andra Martin, Anthony Caruso, John Marley
5 Jade Song October 12, 1960 Edward Dein Oliver Gard Lisa Lu, James Hong, George Takei
6 The Blue Goddess October 19, 1960 Edward Dein Robert J. Shaw Suzanne Lloyd, Karl Swenson, Philip Ahn
7 White Pigeon Ticket October 26, 1960 Mark Sandrich Jr. John W. Jans Gale Garnett
8 Vanessa Vanishes November 2, 1960 Edward Dein Robert C Dennis
Charles Hoffman
Mary Tyler Moore, Robert Colbert
9 The Kahuna Curtain November 9, 1960
10 Girl on a String November 16, 1960
11 Kakua Woman November 23, 1960
12 The Contenders November 30, 1960
13 Swan Song for a Hero December 7, 1960 Leslie H. Martinson William Bruckner John van Dreelen, Robert Lowery
14 The Money Blossom December 14, 1960 Edward Dein Sam Ross Gerald Mohr, Jean Willes, Bill Quinn, Olive Sturgess
15 Services Rendered December 21, 1960 Robert B Sinclair Stanley Niss Leslie Parrish, Michael Pate
16 Baker's Half Dozen December 28, 1960 Edward Dein Robert J. Shaw Peter Breck, Gary Conway, Joe Gallison
17 Made in Japan January 4, 1961
18 A Touch of Velvet January 11, 1961 Edward Dein Dick Davalos, Sharon Hugueny, Robert Hutton, Catherine McLeod, Laurie Mitchell, Clarke Gordon, Andre Philippe
19 Talk and You're Dead January 18, 1961 Robert Sparr Lester Fuller Walter Burke, Paul Mantee
20 Robinson Koyoto January 25, 1961
21 The Manabi Figurine February 1, 1961 John Ainsworth
22 Caves of Pele February 8, 1961
23 Man in a Rage February 15, 1961
24 The Stanhope Brand February 22, 1961
25 The Trouble with Murder March 1, 1961
26 The Man from Manila March 8, 1961
27 Her Father's House March 15, 1961
28 The Humukumu Kid* March 22, 1961
29 Don't Kiss Me Goodbye (with Ronnie Dapo) March 29, 1961 Edward Dein
30 Dragon Road April 5, 1961
31 It Ain't Cricket April 12, 1961 Edward Dein
32 The Comics April 19, 1961
33 Father, Dear Father April 26, 1961
34 The Manchu Formula May 3, 1961
35 The Pretty People May 10, 1961 Robert Douglas
36 The Big Dealer May 17, 1961
37 Maid in America May 24, 1961
38 A Taste for Money May 31, 1961 Anthony Eisley

* The Humukumunukunukuapuaa Kid

Season 3: 1961-1962[edit]

39 Episodes

No. Title Initial airing Director Writer(s) Guest Star(s)
1 Satan City September 27, 1961
2 The Kupua of Coconut Bay October 4, 1961
3 The Moon of Mindanao October 11, 1961
4 The Doctor's Lady October 18, 1961
5 Thomas Jefferson Chu October 25, 1961 George Takei
6 Pill in the Box November 1, 1961 Charles Bateman
7 Kill a Grey Fox November 8, 1961
8 Point Zero November 15, 1961
9 The Queen from Kern County November 22, 1961
10 The Final Score November 29, 1961
11 Two for the Money December 6, 1961 Robert Sparr Sonya Roberts
12 Tusitala December 13, 1961 Dick Benedict Philip Saltzman
13 The Classic Cab December 20, 1961 Byron Kane Sylvia Richards
Robert Tallman
Kathleen Crowley, Tris Coffin
14 Concert in Hawaii December 27, 1961 Robert Sparr Marie Baumer K. T. Stevens, Jack Cassidy,
Faith Domergue
15 The Missile Rogues January 3, 1962 Edward Dein Sylvia Richards
Robert Tallman
16 Little Miss Rich Witch January 10, 1962 George Waggner Philip Saltzman
17 Big Fever January 17, 1962 Irving J. Moore Richard Landau
18 Year of Grace January 24, 1962 George Waggner Sylvia Richards
Robert Tallman
19 My Love But Lightly January 31, 1962 Irving J. Moore Gloria Elmore
20 Cricket's Millionaire February 7, 1962 Dick Benedict Robert Hamner
21 Four-Cornered Triangle February 14, 1962
22 Total Eclipse February 21, 1962 Robert Douglas
23 Blackmail in Satin February 28, 1962
24 A Scent of Whales March 7, 1962
25 A Likely Story March 14, 1962
26 Meeting on Molokai March 21, 1962
27 Payoff March 28, 1962 Barbara Luna
28 An Echo of Honor April 4, 1962
29 Nightmare in Paradise April 11, 1962
30 Aloha, Cricket April 18, 1962
31 The Last Samurai April 25, 1962 Richard C. Sarafian Charles B. Smith
32 Rx Cricket May 2, 1962 Paula Raymond, Richard Benedict, Sharon Hugueny, Chad Everett, Barbara Beall, Betty Beall, Arthur Lyman
33 Location Shooting May 9, 1962
34 Across the River Lethe May 16, 1962
35 Scene of the Crime May 23, 1962
36 Among the Living May 30, 1962
37 'V' is for Victim June 6, 1962
38 Koko Kate June 13, 1962 Otto Lang
39 Lalama Lady June 20, 1962

Season 4: 1962-1963[edit]

24 Episodes

No. Title Initial airing Director Writer(s) Guest Star(s)
1 Day in the Sun October 2, 1962
2 Somewhere There's Music October 9, 1962
3 There'll Be Some Changes Made October 16, 1962
4 The Broken Thread October 23, 1962
5 Lament for a Saturday Warrior October 30, 1962
6 The After Hours Heart November 13, 1962
7 The Sign-Off November 20, 1962
8 A Night with Nora Stewart November 27, 1962
9 To See, Perchance to Dream December 4, 1962
10 Pursuit of a Lady December 11, 1962
11 Shannon Malloy December 18, 1962
12 Go Steady with Danger January 1, 1963
13 Kupikio Kid January 8, 1963
14 Maybe Menehunes January 15, 1963
15 Pretty Pigeon January 22, 1963
16 Two Too Many January 29, 1963
17 Boar Hunt February 5, 1963
18 Go for Baroque February 12, 1963
19 The Long Way Home February 19, 1963
20 Two Million Too Much with Karen Sharpe as Karen Dale February 26, 1963
21 Blow Low, Blow Blue March 5, 1963 Richard Benedict Lee Loeb
22 Gift of Love March 19, 1963
23 The Sisters March 26, 1963
24 Passport with Beverly Washburn and Randy Stuart, series finale April 2, 1963