The Kane Chronicles

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The Kane Chronicles
Kane wings color.jpg
The US and UK logo for The Kane Chronicles
Author Rick Riordan
Country United States
Language English
Genre Fantasy novels
Publisher Disney Hyperion and Puffin Books
Published 2010–2012
Media type Print (hardback and paperback)

The Kane Chronicles are a series of novels by Rick Riordan; based on Egyptian mythology, but set in the same universe as Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus. The first book, The Red Pyramid, was released on May 4, 2010. The second, The Throne of Fire, followed on May 4, 2011. The third and last volume, The Serpent's Shadow, was released on May 1, 2012.

The novels are narrated alternately by the two protagonists, siblings Carter and Sadie Kane, descended from Pharaohs Narmer and Ramses the Great, forced to contend with Egyptian gods and goddesses.

Riordan explained his inspiration in an interview: "In my classroom, there was only one thing that was more popular than Ancient Greece, and that was Ancient Egypt… This was a matter of listening to a lot of fans, and a lot of young readers."[1]


In the books, Rick Riordan tells that the story is a written down version of a transcript he received from "Carter and Sadie". The story takes place in the same universe as the Camp Half-Blood chronicles.

Book One: The Red Pyramid[edit]

The book is written as an audial recording by the Kane siblings, Carter and Sadie. The book starts with an introduction by Carter Kane, explaining that he and his sister, Sadie Kane, were separated 6 years in the past due to their mother's death. The introduction ends and the story starts when Carter Kane and his father, Julius Kane, go to London to visit Sadie, Carter's sister, who has been living in England with their grandparents for the past six years. Carter notices from the start that his father is acting uncommonly nervous and edgy, but pretends not to notice. At the London Museum, Julius uses the Rosetta Stone to summon Osiris god of the dead, but accidentally releases five gods: Osiris, Isis, Horus, Set and Nepthys. Julius is imprisoned by Set, brother of Osiris and the god of evil. Carter and Sadie then embark to Brooklyn with their uncle, Amos, later to learn that Julius' side of the family is descended of the Pharaoh Narmer while their dead mother, Ruby, descended from Ramesses the Great. They are attacked at Amos' house by serpopards, and rescued by the goddess of cats, Bast. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, they are attacked again by the scorpion goddess, Serqet and rescued by Zia Rashid, a trainee at the House of Life, which is an Egyptian-themed school of magic dedicated to confining the Ancient Egyptian gods. Zia opens a portal and takes the siblings to Cairo, where the first and biggest 'House of Life' is. Here, it is suspected that the siblings are possessed by Horus (war god of falcons) and Isis (goddess of magic), prompting M. Desjardins, the school's second-in-command, to desire their deaths.

Carter and Sadie were brave and begin to learn the use of hieroglyphic magic; but their training is disrupted when the school's 'Chief Lector' Iskandar dies, leaving Desjardins in command. They escape him and rejoin Bast, with whom they infiltrate Desjardins' house in Paris to obtain a book with which to oppose Set. Following a fight with the Set animal, they visit Thoth, the knowledge god, at Memphis, Tennessee, whence they are sent to gain both a 'Feather of Truth' and Set's secret name. Having obtained the Feather from Anubis, god of death rituals, they continue to Texas, where Carter fights Sobek, the god of rivers. He is rescued by Amos; but Bast and Sobek are exiled to the Duat, the Egyptian underworld. In New Mexico, they defeat the lion goddess Sekhmet and continue to Arizona, where Set has established the story's eponymous Pyramid. To overcome Set, Carter merges with Horus; but both are overcome. Sadie learns Set's secret name (translated as 'Evil Day') from Zia and merges with Isis, with whose aid she banishes Set to the Duat. Both protagonists then learn that Apophis may enter the mortal world, and that the Zia, the host of the river goddess Nepthys encountered hitherto is a ceramic shabti. Having returned to Brooklyn, they discover that their father has merged with Osiris; but themselves forsake Horus and Isis, retaining a portion of each god's power in a sacred talisman.

Book Two: The Throne of Fire[edit]

Having reestablished the regular training of children in Egyptian-themed magic, protagonists Carter and Sadie break into the Brooklyn Museum to seek part of the Book of Ra, hoping to wake Ra (the ancient sun god) against Apophis, The Lord of Isfet (chaos). Following a struggle with several monstrosities, they discover the necessity of three scrolls that control the embodiments of Ra, one being the scroll in the museum. Sadie returns to London to celebrate her 13th birthday; but when she arrives, her grandparents have been forced to incarnate Nekhbet- the vulture goddess- and Babi- the baboon god- and pursue Sadie and her friends, Liz and Emma. From Anubis, she receives her next destination. They are rescued by Bes (dwarf god) and re-unite with Carter and his companion Walt. They then travel to their opponent Vladmir Menshikov's house in St. Petersburg, Russia, in search of the second scroll. There, they are attacked by Menshikov's two-headed snake. Sadie destroys the snake, and Set reveals the location of the last scroll and that of their friend Zia Rashid, lost in the earlier book. Thereafter Bes and Carter search for Zia at her birthplace, where Zia is abandoned by Nephthys. Antagonists Menshikov and Micheal Desjardins attack Carter and Bes; but Menshikov is overcome by Carter. At the story's 'Valley of the Golden Mummies', Sadie and Walt obtain the last scroll, but are attacked by reanimated mummies; whereupon all four characters are rescued by Ptah, who reveals Walt will die young because of an ancient curse in his family. Upon learning that Menshikov prepares to attack their refuge 'Brooklyn House', Walt and Zia return to protect it, while Sadie, Bes, and Carter go to free Ra and defeat Apophis. En route, the latter discover Khnum who has forgotten his secret name (identified by Sadie). They then discover Ra, who appears irrational and senile. To gain time, they challenge the moon god Khonsu to senet, an ancient Egyptian version of gambling, and persuade Ra to merge with Khepri, the scarab and rising sun, but free Apophis in the process. Desjardins witnesses this and helps them banish Apophis; but dies doing so, and warns them that Apophis will later return. In the book's resolution, the return of Ra has deprived Horus of his throne, and Walt will die soon because of the curse on his family's blood line; whereas Bes has lost his memories in the game of senet, and Amos is now in command of the House of Life, whose members blame the protagonists for Desjardins' death.

Book Three: The Serpent's Shadow[edit]

In the opening of this book, protagonists Carter and Sadie travel to Dallas, Texas to meet a fellow-magician, J.D. Grissom, to obtain a heavily guarded magical scroll from the exhibit of Tutankhamen at the Dallas Museum of Art; but the scroll is destroyed before they can reach it, and all Grissom's subordinates killed. In Brooklyn, they discover that a box saved from the incident contains Tutankhamen's shadow. Inspired by Horus, Carter decides to consult Thoth; but Sadie insists on his attendance of their school dance. During the dance, Anubis suggests that the shadow contains record of identity, prompting Sadie to restore Bes' memory (forgotten by him in the second book) by his shadow.

The Russian magician Leonid reveals that renegade magicians are coöperating with Apophis. The House's superintendent Amos instructs Zia and Sadie to visit Bes while Carter and Walt visit Thoth. Carter and Walt find Thoth attacked by demons, whom they vanquish; and later ask the help of Osiris. Sadie learns from Zia that Amos is attempting to channel Set, and both learn from the hippo goddess Tawaret where to find Bes' shadow. Carter, Sadie, Zia, and Walt then obtain the character 'Setne' (a disgraced son of Ramesses II) from Osiris. Sadie and Walt search for Bes's shadow, while Zia, Carter, and Setne seek the Book of Thoth; but Setne secretly orders the character 'Bloodstained Blade' to kill the others. Sadie and Walt trick the hunting and weaving goddess Neith into assisting them; whereafter Walt exhausts himself to revive Bes's shadow, but survives by hosting Anubis. Walt thereafter discovers Setne's plan and sends Sadie to Carter and Zia. Meanwhile, Carter and Zia enter the Land of the Demons, where Carter realizes that Zia is hosting Kherpri, one of the three essences of Ra. With Sadie, they imprison Apophis' shadow, which summons aid to itself from which the protagonists are rescued by old ill gods. Ra is consumed by Apophis, but revived when Sadie and Carter destroy the latter; whereupon the gods leave the mortal world. In resolution, Carter and Sadie visit their father (combined with Osiris in the initial book) to report Setne's escape, and receive warning from their dead mother of "other gods" and "rival magic", which when combined with the initial book's mention of Manhattan having 'its own gods', implies a shared fictional universe with that of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, a world of both Greek gods and Egyptian gods.

Supplementary works[edit]

Survival Guide[edit]

This book was released on March 20 of 2012. Boasting lenticulars, an easy-to-assemble trading card pyramid, and full-color diagrams and maps, this deluxe, lavishly illustrated guide teaches readers how to compile secret messages, read hieroglyphics, and recite ancient magic spells. Featuring enough information and extras to satisfy avid followers and budding Egyptologists alike, this guide will cast a spell on readers of all ages.

Graphic novel[edit]

A graphic novel based on The Red Pyramid was published on October 12, 2010. It follows a shortened version of Carter and Sadie adventures in The Red Pyramid with full color drawings.

A graphic novel based on The Throne of Fire was released on October 6, 2015.[2]


The Son of Sobek[edit]

The first ever Percy Jackson-Carter Kane crossover story was included in the back of the paperback edition of The Serpent's Shadow, published May 7, 2013, and subsequently became available as an e-single/audio purchase.

In the story, told from Carter's point of view and set on Long Island's south shore, in the vicinity of Moriches Bay, he is devoured by a giant magical crocodile he has been hunting, which immediately spits him out when stabbed by Percy, who has been hunting the crocodile also, because it has been menacing Camp Half-Blood, even devouring one of the camp's pegasi. They find themselves teaming up to fight the crocodile, which turns out to be a petsuchos, an ordinary crocodile turned to giant size and invested with the power of the Egyptian crocodile god Sobek by a magical necklace placed around its neck.

The Staff of Serapis[edit]

The sequel to 'The Son of Sobek', entitled The Staff of Serapis is the sixty-page crossover story in which Sadie and Annabeth meet. The sequel came out in April 2014, in the paperback version of The Mark of Athena, and then was released later on in the year in e-book/audiobook format read by Riordan and including a sneak preview of The Blood of Olympus.

In this story, told from Annabeth's point of view, Annabeth pursues a strange chimerical creature she encounters on the New York subway, is attacked by it, and then rescued by Sadie, who says that the creature was a figurine that suddenly came to life on the library table at Brooklyn House and fled the mansion. The two girls deduce that the creature is two parts of a tripartite creature, the Staff of Serapis, which belongs to the Egyptian god by that name, Hellenized after Alexander the Great's conquest of Egypt and the subsequent founding of the last Egyptian dynasty by Alexander's general Pharaoh Ptolemy I. Serapis has taken up residence in a ruined lighthouse in the Far Rockaway neighborhood of Queens and Annabeth and Sadie do battle with him.

The Crown of Ptolemy[edit]

The sequel to the Staff of Serapis, told from Percy's point of view. Percy, Carter, Annabeth, and Sadie all appear together.

Percy and Annabeth, investigate Governor's Island in Manhattan, as they are informed about trouble. Percy tries to call Carter, but to no avail. Setne, the evil magician, who is responsible for the events of the crossovers, is conducting a ritual for his apotheosis. Using the Book of Thoth, he perfects Greek-Egyptian magic, which results in a freak hurricane.

Percy and Annabeth try to stop Setne, but are overcome by his superior magic skill. Setne absorbs Percy's sword, much to the latter's chagrin. Setne summons Wadjet, the Cobra Goddess of Lower Egypt, and consumes her essence and takes her crown. Meanwhile, Carter and Sadie arrive and Setne flees.

The four teenagers head south, discussing plans. They find Setne summoning Nekhbet, the Vulture Goddess of Upper Egypt, and flees with her crown, although Nekhbet is saved by Percy and Annabeth. Setne leaves the Book of Thoth behind, and the group decide to use a ritual to trap Setne. Nekhbet advises that three of them must prepare the ritual, while the fourth must fight Setne.

Nekhbet chooses Percy as her host, as he is a powerful Greek demigod, and would stand a chance against Setne. Percy reluctantly agrees and hosts the goddess. They find Setne consuming the Duat, a mysterious layer which distorts reality for mortals. Sadie temporarily gives Annabeth the ability to perform magic. Setne blasts the four, but Percy is encased in a purple vulture avatar and shields the girls.

Percy grabs Setne and ascends into the sky. Setne tries to manipulate Percy, saying he was foolish to turn down godhood. This backfires when Percy retains control and justifies his decision. Nekhbet does not cooperate and Percy loses his avatar. He grabs Setne and they fall into the ocean. Percy, being the son of Poseidon, defeats Setne once and for all, grabs him by his throat and drags him to the surface.

Percy hurls Setne into a magical circle and pulls out his sword from the magician's throat, making Setne regurgigating all the magic and essence he had absorbed. The Kanes complete chanting and imprison Setne in a snowglobe.

An hour later, the teenagers sit, having lunch. Carter is impressed that Percy did not fall for Setne's manipulation and commends him for turning down immortality. Percy suspects that the crowns left behind is a test by Nekhbet, to see if Percy would wield its power. The Kanes decide to take the crowns and the Book of Thoth, and secure it properly, so that no one would misuse it. The demigods and the magicians decide to keep their mythical realities, separate, for fear of chaos. They decide to keep contact and the Kanes bid goodbye.

Annabeth kisses Percy, happy that he is not a god, and they go for cheeseburgers.


Main characters[edit]

  • Carter Kane — one of two main protagonists and narrators; a descendant of Narmer and of Ramses the Great. He is the son of Julius and Ruby Kane. After the death of his mother (when he was eight years old), he spent six years travelling the world with his Egyptologist father. After his father is captured by the god Set during The Red Pyramid, Carter spends most of his time with his sister Sadie and uncle Amos Kane. He becomes the host of Horus in the first novel, and often collaborates with and receives advice from the god. He also develops a romantic relationship with the shabti of magician Zia Rashid, and subsequently spends much of his time trying to find the real Zia and demonstrate his feelings toward her.
Like his father, Carter has dark skin and hair, quite different from both his mother and sister. When living with his father, Carter dressed "impeccably" like Julius even when relaxing, but adopts a much more casual style when he goes to live at Brooklyn House. Though he is not one to flout rules, Carter is brave and courageous enough to pursue the way of the gods despite the House of Life's disapproval. His specialty is combat magic; his preferred weapon a khopesh. He is often given leadership responsibilities and struggles to accept his role, until he willingly becomes pharaoh of the House of Life during The Serpent's Shadow.
  • Sadie Kane — one of two main protagonists and narrators; the younger sister of Carter Kane. She is left in the care of her non-magical grandparents in London after the death of their mother Ruby Kane. Though she is able to live a "normal" life, something her brother is occasionally jealous of, her unusual circumstances make her sometimes jealous of Carter (especially when she is reminded of his exotic lifestyle). Sadie has to abruptly leave her life in London when she goes to revive the twenty-first Nome and fight Set after the god captures her father, Julius Kane. Sadie becomes the host of Isis in The Red Pyramid and continues to study the goddess's path throughout the series. She also becomes romantically involved with one of the Brooklyn House imitates Walt Stone and also with the god Anubis, though her relationship with either is not formalized until after Walt becomes the "eye" of Anubis in The Serpent's Shadow.
She has caramel-colored hair and light skin, traits inherited from her mother Ruby. Unlike Carter, Sadie is rebellious and bold (also like her mother) and acts the part; often making snap decisions, ignoring rules, and choosing to wear clothing to display her personality rather than to conform or aid her magic. Her magical specialty is with spells, potions, and hieroglypics.
  • Walt Stone - One of the twenty-first Nome's initiates, who arrives at Brooklyn House sometime between the first and second novels. He has dark skin and is from Seattle, where he lived with his mother. Walt is a sau, or charmmaker.[3] In The Throne of Fire, it is revealed that Walt has inherited a deadly curse from his ancestor Akhenaten will kill him before reaches adulthood, as it did his father and their famous ancestor King Tut. The curse progresses more quickly when he uses magic, which is why he specializes in charms and also why he begins to call on the god Anubis for guidance. In The Serpent's Shadow, Walt finally succumbs to the curse, but as he dies he allows himself to become the host of Anubis, whose spirit can essentially keep him alive. Both Anubis and Walt Stone have romantic feelings for Sadie Kane, and this is part of the reason why the two "fuse" successfully.
  • Zia Rashid - A magician from the first Nome who was born and raised in Egypt. She is found and raised by Iskandar, the Chief Lector, after the destruction of her hometown by Apophis. When Julius Kane released five gods through the Rosetta Stone, she became the unexpected host of Nephtys, and was subsequently placed by Iskandar in an underwater prison so the House of Life could not eliminate her. A shabti of her was created to take her place; it is destroyed during the fight with Set in The Red Pyramid. Carter Kane falls in love with this shabti and seeks out the real Zia to free her and release Nephthys's spirit. Zia, who specializes in fire magic, later becomes the host of Ra and the two manage to destroy Apophis in The Serpent's Shadow. Her initial indifference to Carter slowly evolves into romance, and the two begin dating at the end of the series when Ra ascends back to the heavens.
  • Amos Kane — Julius Kane's younger brother, Carter and Sadie's uncle, and the leader of the twenty-first Nome (New York). He takes in Carter and Sadie after Julius hosts Osiris and is trapped by the god Set. During the first novel, Amos is possessed by Set and forced to lure his niece and nephew to the god's pyramid in Phoenix, Arizona. Once freed, Amos goes for healing at the first Nome, and does not return to Brooklyn House until the second novel. His experience hosting Set has changed him, however, and eventually leads to his highly-controversial decision to voluntarily host the god during the final battle with Apophis. Amos succeeds Michel Desjardins when the former leader of the House of Life sacrifices himself fighting Apophis.
  • Iskandar — Chief Lector of the House of Life. Born in the 1st century BCE, during the reign of Cleopatra VII, he witnessed the end of the Egyptian monarchy and the absorption of Egypt into the Roman Empire. He came to believe this was the fault of the gods and ended the House's policy of calling upon them; Ruby Kane's vision of Apophis rising changes his mind, but it is too late for him to make any real change. He helps Zia, Carter, and Sadie when they become hosts to gods, and dies in his sleep shortly thereafter, knowing that these three can make a change where he could not. He is succeeded by Michel Desjardins as the House's leader.
  • Michel Desjardins — Lesser antagonist; leader of the House of Life after the death of Iskandar. Desjardins is approximately 200 years old, considered "young" for a magician, and as such has known only the House policy of exterminating the gods. He is therefore at first opposed to cooperation with the gods. He works with Vladimir Menshikov in the latter's attempt to hunt Sadie and Carter Kane, but he chooses to sacrifice himself execrating Apophis when he learns of the chaos serpent's rising and Menshikov's attempt at a from of mind control. He is succeeded as leader of the House of Life by Amos Kane.

Other characters[edit]

Brooklyn House[edit]

  • Jasmine 'Jaz' Anderson — One of the novitiate magicians in Brooklyn House. She is a blonde, sixteen year-old cheerleader from Nashville, Tennessee. Her specialty is healing magic and studies the goddess Sekhmet as all Egyptian healers do. She is put into a coma after banishing some sickness demons in The Throne of Fire, from which she is awakened by Ra. She shares with Sadie how to cure Carter using his ren when he is bitten by a tjesu heru.[4] She later appears in The Serpent's Shadow and her healing potions appear in the crossover stories The Son of Sobek and The Staff of Serapis.
  • Alyssa - A trainee of the twenty-first Nome with a particular skill for pottery and shabti-making. She studies the power of Geb.
  • Cleo - One of the young magicians at Brooklyn House. She is from Rio de Janeiro. Cleo studies the god Thoth and will likely be Brooklyn House's next librarian. Though she is an excellent researcher, she does not have much of a stomach for violence.
  • Felix - A 10-year old trainee at Brooklyn House. He loves penguins and seems to be able to channel ice magic, though it is unknown which Egyptian god this corresponds to.
  • Julian — A seventh-grade trainee. Like Carter, he incarnates the power of Horus.
  • Sean' - An Irish trainee at Brooklyn House.
  • Shelby - A very young trainee at Brooklyn House, the ringleader of the group of toddler trainees known as the "anklebiters". Her magic is mostly impulsive.
  • Leonid - A young Russian magician who first encountered the Kanes when they visited Saint Petersburg. He defects to the "side" of the gods and, with the help of the god Shu, brings Sadie and Carter information during book three.


  • Julius Kane — Carter and Sadie's father, and a doctor of Egyptology. After a failed attempt to release the Egyptian goddess Bast back into the world results in the death of his wife, he works to find a way to release them again and become host to Osiris. He ultimately succeeds, dies of his own free will, and goes to "live" as the god's physical manifestation in the Underworld, overseeing the Hall of Judgment.
  • Ruby Kane — Carter and Sadie's late mother, who appears occasionally as a ba to advise her children. She was a magician and diviner who foresaw Apophis's rise and ultimate victory if the other gods were not there to stop him. As a result, she and her husband attempted to release Bast from her eternal battle with Apophis so the goddess could heal before his inevitable rise. She gave her life to close the portal they opened using Cleopatra's Needle, because Apophis was fighting to get out. Ruby also communed with Isis at some point in her career as a magician, and attempted to convince then-Chief Lector Iskandar to remand his policy of fighting the gods.
  • Vladimir Menshikov — Antagonist of The Throne of Fire. Menshikov's intense hatred of the gods and desire for power leads to his possession by Apophis. He manipulates Michel Desjardins into permitting him to hunt the Kane family. When Desjardins finally discovers his involvement, he uses up all his energy in an execration of the chaos demon and, by extension, Menshikov, who is then killed. Menshikov is described by Sadie and Carter Kane as an "evil ice cream man"[3] because of his tendency to wear white suits and glasses because of his heavily scarred face.
  • Setne - An evil magician and son of Ramses the Great. He is also known as Khaemwaset. He appears in The Serpent's Shadow as an evil ghost on trial for many crimes. Setne is freed by the protagonists Carter and Sadie to aid in the fight against Apophis. After the former's destruction, however, Setne escapes and becomes the main antagonist of the crossover series with the Camp Half-Blood chronicles, where he plans to amass the power of both the Egyptian and Greco-Roman worlds. He is finally trapped in a snow globe by Carter, Sadie, Percy Jackson, and Annabeth Chase.
  • Sarah Jacobi - The leader of a group of rebel magicians, a former House scribe imprisoned for causing the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. In The Serpent's Shadow, she manages to amass an alliance of rebels in league with Apophis, but is vanquished by Anubis/Walt Stone, who bury her underground.
  • Kwai - Sarah Jacobi's assistant, the House of Life's persistent opponent throughout the later books and also a brief host of Apophis.


  • Horus — God of war; Leader of the gods until Ra's return, and again after Apophis is destroyed. Part of his spirit resides in Carter Kane. His symbol is the Eye of Horus. He is one of the five gods born during the Demon Days (the five days at the end of the solar calendar that account for its not being an even 360 days long), the son of Geb and Nut. He is also frequently described as the son of Osiris and Isis.
  • Isis — Goddess of magic; briefly incarnated by Sadie and Ruby Kane; her symbol is the Tyet. She is one of the five children of Geb and Nut, and the mother of Horus. She is responsible for Ra's ascendance from the mortal world. When she wanted her husband Osiris to claim Ra's throne, she created a serpent to poison Ra. When he revealed to her his secret name, she cured him but also forced him to abdicate the throne.
  • Osiris — Ancient Egyptian god of the dead; incarnated in The Red Pyramid by Julius Kane. He is one of Geb and Nut's five children. His symbol is the 'Spine of Osiris', or the djed. He is frequently described as having blue skin, representing the fact that he is "dead". He was once king of the gods until his brother Set imprisoned and later killed him. His wife Isis and sister Nepthys searched for his body to revive him with magic, but were only able to make him pharaoh of the Duat.
  • Set — Ancient Egyptian god of evil. Antagonist of The Red Pyramid, and a supporting character in The Throne of Fire and The Serpent's Shadow. He is one of Geb and Nut's five children, born on the last Demon Day, and is married to Nephthys. He was once Ra's "faithful lieutenant" against the forces of Isfet, but became the embodiment of chaos after Ra's ascension. His secret name is 'Evil Day'.
  • Nephthys — Goddess of rivers; wife of Set, mother of Anubis, and one of the five children of Geb and Nut. She was once incarnated by Zia.
  • Bast - The cat goddess and Ra's guardian. In ancient times, she was sent by Ra to fight Apophis after the latter ascended to the heavens, whish she continues to do until Julius and Ruby Kane release her. She then takes as host a cat named "Muffin" and makes a pact to guard Sadie. Bast then becomes Carter and Sadie's guardian after the two become magicians, and becomes quite close to them, considering them her "kittens". In The Red Pyramid, she sacrifices herself fighting Sobek to protect the injured Sadie, but is brought back from Duat by the gods as reward for the Kanes (after they defeat Set).
  • Serqet — Goddess of scorpions. In The Red Pyramid, she attacked Carter, Sadie, and Bast after the three had escaped from Brooklyn House, forcing Bast to retreat while the Kanes were saved by Zia.
  • Anubis — God of funerals and death and periodic advisor to Sadie Kane, for whom he has romantic feelings. Walt Stone becomes his host in The Serpent's Shadow. Anubis is the son of Nephthys and Set, but felt closest to his uncle Osiris, who raised him in Duat.
  • Thoth — God of knowledge; founder of the House of Life. "Thoth" was actually his Greek name; Egyptians called him Djehuti. He is the only god who is accepted by the House of Life and is allowed to inhabit the mortal world; he is found in Memphis, Tennessee in various locations. Carter and Sadie seek him out for advice on two separate occasions.
  • Sobek — God of crocodiles; appears as a minor antagonist in The Red Pyramid but later aids Ra against Apophis.
  • Nut — Ancient Egyptian sky goddess; mother of Osiris, Isis, Horus, Set, and Nephthys. Wife of Geb. Due to a prophecy that one of her children would unseat him, Ra forbade Nut to give birth on any day of the year. She gambled with the god Khonsu to earn five extra days' worth of moonlight to have her children and was punished by Ra. He forbade her to ever see her husband again, and tasked her father Shu with keeping them apart. Her physical manifestation is the sky itself.
  • Geb — God of the earth. Father of Osiris, Isis, Horus, Set, and Nephthys; husband of Nut. His physical manifestation is the entire earth.
  • Sekhmet — Goddess of lions. She can be summoned by a Chief Lector once in his/her lifetime, and attacks Carter, Sadie, Zia, and Amos at the command of Michel Desjardins. She is the warlike lieutenant of Ra and a master of destruction.
    • Hathor — Goddess of cows, also the alter-ego of Sekhmet. She is summoned whenever Sekhmet is tired, and represents the goddess's peaceful side.
  • Shezmu — God of execution. In The Red Pyramid, he prevented the Kanes from entering Duat unless they told him his secret name, though he ended up revealing it to Sadie while the three compromised.
  • Ammit the Devourer — A part-hippo, part-crocodile, part-lion demon who devoured souls that were judged unworthy in the Halls of Judgment. The Kane Chronicles present a different picture of Ammit than is typical, by portraying the demon as both no larger that a toy poodle and as a male. In Egyptian myth, Ammit was both female and an enormous fearsome monster. In The Throne of Fire, "he" is nicknamed "Poochiekins" by Sadie.
  • Apophis — Antagonist; serpent of chaos who fought Ra in ancient times. Throughout the series, he possesses demons and other characters in attempts to break free of his prison (a place deep within the Duat where he once battled Bast for eternity). He breaks free of his prison in The Throne of Fire, but is execrated by Michel Desjardins. He does so once again in The Serpent's Shadow, but is held at bay through the combined efforts of many gods and magicians.
  • Bes — God of dwarfs and protector of the innocent. He has romantic feelings for Bast, and answers her request that he watch over Carter and Sadie. He befriends the two and sacrifices his ren to give them enough time to reach Apophis's prison. The two later manage to restore him, and he goes on to pursue a relationship with the goddess Tawaret.
  • Nekhbet — Egyptian vulture goddess who takes Mrs. Faust and Percy Jackson as hosts. She is a follower of Ra, but refuses to follow the weak. As a result, she "tests" Sadie Kane's strength by attempting to kill her, her family, and her friends.
  • Babi — Egyptian baboon god who takes Mr. Faust as host, helping Nekhbet test Sadie Kane.
  • Ptah — God of craftsmen and creation, summoned by Sadie and Walt help get a piece of the Book of Ra.
  • Tawaret — Egyptian goddess of hippos and childbirth, assists the protagonists. As a protector of the innocent (specifically children), like the god Bes, she is very familiar with him and has romantic feelings for him. At first these are unreciprocated as he is in love with Bast, but he comes to appreciate and care for her after she takes care of him when he has lost his ren. Tawaret is the sole nurse in the Sunny Acres retirement community for old gods, located in the Duat.
  • Heket — An ancient goddess of frogs who lost her power when her temples were destroyed and people stopped worshiping her. She is currently living in Sunny Acres Assisted-Living Community, a place for senile gods and goddesses, as revealed in The Throne of Fire.
  • Mekhit and Onuris — Two war gods who were forgotten by humans and thus had to live in Sunny Acres. Onuris disappeared due to his senility, which made Mekhit mournful. He is found again in The Serpent's Shadow, and later fights alongside his wife with the retired gods who help the Kanes.
  • Ra — Sun god. Retired to the heavens, but revived in The Throne of Fire; later merges with Zia and recovers his lost mental integrity. Consumed by Apophis and later revived by Sadie and Carter. He was the first and greatest king of the gods, and undertook nightly journeys through the Duat (as the sun sets and rises) to battle the forces of chaos.
    • Khnum — Ra's evening aspect who created man out of clay using a potter's wheel. In The Throne of Fire, the Kanes meet him near the entrance of the Duat and have one chance to guess his name, which he had forgotten after so long. Sadie eventually gave him his ren, which was what he was really looking for, and he allows them to pass on to revive his other aspects.
    • Khepri — Ra's morning aspect that had the form of a golden beetle. The Kanes found it near the exit of Duat and had to battle Valdimir Menshikov, possessed by Apophis, in order to give it to Ra and thereby restore his final aspect.
  • Khonsu — Moon god. He was a trickster who liked to play senet, a board game, with deadly bet in return for a lengthened time; Nut once played a game with him so she could gain enough time to give birth to her five children. In The Throne of Fire, the Kanes and Bes played senet with him so they could gain more time for the gates of Duat to open; when they lose a round, Bes sacrificed his ren, which caused him to lose his memories until the Kanes managed to find his sheut in The Serpent's Shadow.
  • Shu — God of the Air; The father of Nut and Geb, who separates Nut from Geb to form the present-day division of Sky from Earth. Later appears to criticise Anubis' infatuation with Sadie.
  • Hapi — God of the Nile river. In The Serpent's Shadow, he is summoned by Carter using a spell from Setne, and asked to defeat a monster sent by Apophis. Hapi also helps Carter and Zia cross the Nile to reach the temple of the Apis Bull. Hapi is described as huge, blue-skinned, and well-fed.
  • Neith - Goddess of the Hunt. She loves weaving. She makes a brief appearance in The Serpent's Shadow when Sadie and Walt trick her into helping them.
  • Wadjet - A cobra goddess who makes a brief appearance in the Crown of Ptolemy where Setne summons her and then steals her essence, killing her.

Magical creatures and animals[edit]

  • Philip of Macedonia — Amos's albino crocodile pet, later identified as a wax shabti. Protector of and (briefly) transport for the protagonists.
  • Doughboy — Julius Kane's wax shabti; comically resentful of Julius. He is used for many purposes by Carter and Sadie.
  • Leroy - The Set animal, destroyed and nicknamed by Carter Kane.
  • Freak - Carter's pet griffin; initially a statue brought to life by Sadie. Tamed by Carter in The Throne of Fire (because the griffin is a sacred animal of Horus); his pet and personal transportation thereafter.
  • Khufu — Amos's pet baboon. Like many baboons in the series, he loves basketball and speaks only in monosyllabic grunts. Khufu's other quirk is that he only eats things that end in the letter 'O', such as Cheerios, Jell-O, and flamingo meat.


  • Drew Tanaka and Lacy — Sadie's highschool classmates in Brooklyn who appear in The Serpent's Shadow. Despite Lacy's objection, Drew (a bully) criticizes Sadie during the school prom, only to be left speechless after seeing Anubis asking Sadie for a dance. The two are crossover characters from the Camp Half-Blood series and the only ones who appear in a main novel of the Kane Chronicles in The Heroes of Olympus
  • Emma and Liz — Sadie Kane's human friends from London. The stay with Sadie in The Throne of Fire during Babi and Nekhbet's sudden attack. Sadie describes Emma as "what an Indian daughter of the singer Elton John might look like", and Liz as a "boy-crazy redhead".[3]
  • Mr. and Mrs. Faust — Ruby Kane's parents, Carter and Sadie's maternal grandparents. They live in London. The two shun the magical world and take custody of Sadie, blaming Julius Kane for Ruby's death. They raise Sadie in an apparent normalcy but do not like her father or brother. The two are possessed by the gods Nekhbet and Babi in an attempt to test Sadie's resolve when she begins to pursue the Book of Ra. Mrs. Faust, usually called "Gran" by Sadie, is described as frail with curly gray hair, and a terrible cook. "Gramps" is a large, loud former rugby player. Both have been kind to Sadie, though neither is much like their daughter Ruby, her mother.


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