The Keep (comics)

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The Keep - Graphic Novel
FPWs The Keep graphic novel.jpg
Trade paperback first edition
Author F. Paul Wilson
Illustrator Matthew Dow Smith
Country United States
Language English
Publisher IDW Publishing
Publication date
July 2006
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 120 (Trade Paperback 1st Edition)
ISBN 1-933239-45-X (Trade Paperback Edition)
OCLC 71333905

The Keep is a limited series written by American author F. Paul Wilson and drawn by Matthew Dow Smith, published by IDW Publishing

It is based on F. Paul Wilson's novel The Keep. In the foreword to this work F. Paul Wilson answers the question of exactly why he scripted a graphic novel version: "Because I consider this visual presentation of THE KEEP my version of the movie, what could have been...what should have been."

Plot summary[edit]

The Keep had stood empty in the Transylvanian Alps for some 500 years. No one knew who built it, or why. But on the eve of World War II, German soldiers moved in and awoke something—something hungry… something more merciless than the SS einsatzkommandos accompanying them.

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